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Indonesian Service Provider Expands Mobile Backbone with Juniper Networks to Support Rapid Growth

Excelcomindo Boosts IP Core and MPLS Backbone with M Series Multiservice Edge Routers and J Series Services Routers

INDONESIA, October 1, 2009 - Juniper Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: JNPR), the leader in high-performance networking, today announced that PT Excelcomindo, Indonesia's fastest growing mobile service provideris expanding its IP network core and MPLS backbone with Juniper Networks M Series Multiservice Routers and J Series Services Routers. The service-enabling infrastructure of Juniper J and M Series Routers will allow Excelcomindo to increase service velocity, network monetization and operational efficiency as it continues on a rapid growth trajectory.

Since the launch of its 3G mobile service in September 2006, Excelcomindo has tripled its customer base from 8.4 million subscribers to 24.7 million subscribers in June 2009. Network usage has also increased more than 10 times since the end of September 2006, from 25 minutes per subscriber per month to 268 minutes per subscriber per month by the end of June 2009. By deploying Juniper's standards-based infrastructure solution, Excelcomindo can move towards an open and secure all-IP network for mobile broadband services.

"Mobile penetration in Indonesia is relatively low, so there is a tremendous opportunity for continued growth-and it is critical our packet core network be capable of keeping pace," said Dian Siswarini, Excelcomindo's director of network of services. "The Juniper mobile packet network solution enables us to pursue this market opportunity with increased service velocity, network monetization and the operational efficiencies that fuel profitability."

Excelcomindo also provides a full range of IP/MPLS offerings for business, such as Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPNs and VPLS, which require the service provider to maintain a high-performance, highly reliable and secure infrastructure.

To support these services, Excelcomindo uses Juniper's J Series Services Routers as the MPLS "Provider Edge" (MPLS PE). The J Series delivers reliability, outstanding performance, leading MPLS features and unmatched value, which enables Excelcomindo to economically meet their corporate customers' increasingly demanding service level requirements. Excelcomindo's Layer 3 VPN offerings depend on the J Series to deliver valuable, high-performance managed connections to corporate customers in locations across Indonesia. The J Series also runs JUNOS® Software, easing Excelcomindo's management across all Juniper routers.

Excelcomindo is using the M Series Multiservice Edge Routers for the core of its network to provide the exceptional flexibility and reliability that is crucial to Excelcomindo's major infrastructure expansion designed to support strong customer and traffic growth. The M Series routers also have the flexibility to be deployed for MPLS PE applications, and Excelcomindo's deployment included multiple members of the M Series family, including the M7i, M10i, M120 and M320. The M Series supports multiple services over a wide range of access connections, all on a single platform. This greatly reduces operational and capital costs while simultaneously maximizing revenues. With Juniper's scalable and versatile JUNOS Software running on each component of the network, maintenance is straight forward, minimizing cost, effort and complexity.

"Excelcomindo's past success and future growth goals drive its need for a highly flexible and efficient packet backbone solution with a low overhead - the sort of demanding IP/MPLS infrastructure for which Juniper's routers are the ideal platform," said Brad Gray, vice president of Asia South, Juniper Networks. "Excelcomindo's deployment is another great example of Juniper delivering mobile infrastructure solutions that drive network monetization and enable increased profitability in a market with rapidly evolving radio technologies and mobile device environments."

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