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Juniper Networks and Net One Systems Publish IPsphere Solution to TM Forum Community

Companies Offer IPsphere Software to Over 700 TM Forum Members To Advance Standards-based IP Services Framework

SUNNYVALE, Calif., May 6, 2009 - Juniper Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: JNPR), the leader in high-performance networking, today announced the joint contribution in partnership with Net One Systems of a landmark IPsphere Service Management System (SMS) software solution to the TM Forum.  This solution features IPsphere SMS software developed by Juniper Networks Open IP Service Creation Program (OSCP) partner, Net One Systems, to utilize Juniper Networks advanced routing and policy management capabilities. Contribution of this joint solution to the TM Forum membership makes, for the first time, Net One Systems’ IPsphere SMS source code available to the more than 700 members of the TM Forum community to enable rapid adoption, experimentation and further development of the standards-based IPsphere framework.

The TM Forum’s IPsphere program brings together leading service providers, hardware and software suppliers and research organizations, to demonstrate a new level of business flexibility for advanced IP services - with the assurance of an industry-standard approach. IPsphere enables service and content provider partners to combine resources in new ways to create compelling and assured end-to-end services - even across traditional network boundaries. Chief to the IPsphere framework’s benefits is enablement of frictionless collaboration and new business models between all service providers in the value chain, including network service and content providers.

“Next generation service creation and delivery supporting flexible partnering models are critical issues for our service provider members, and the IPsphere program is aimed squarely at addressing these requirements,” said Martin Creaner, president of TM Forum. “The contribution of this IPsphere solution greatly accelerates our members’ ability to test and adopt the IPsphere framework for these business imperatives.”

The availability of the software solution offers immediate benefits:

  • Service providers in the TM Forum have access to a validated suite set of IPsphere capabilities for evaluating and participating in IPsphere prototyping and field trials and for assessing their own readiness for commercial deployment.
  • All Forum users can download, improve and customize the Net One Systems IPsphere SMS source code and documentation in any number of ways - incremental improvements and fixes can also be contributed back to the TM Forum community.
  • The Net One Systems SMS has been tested and validated with Juniper Networks APIs, ensuring that the network can both publish and invoke service capabilities requested by an IPsphere transaction.
  • The IPsphere solution suite can be tested with virtually any use case or service deployment scenario, fostering broader industry applicability.

First developed under the Juniper Networks Open IP Service Creation Program (OSCP) as a proof-of-concept suite for service providers, the joint IPsphere solution leverages strengths from both organizations:

  • An integrated solution that embraces the use of standards-based network-to-service layer interfaces via the Juniper Session and Resource Control (SRC) portfolio working in conjunction with high performance JUNOS-based routing platforms.
  • Net One Systems IPsphere Service Management (SMS) software, featuring SMS Child, SMS Publisher, 3rd Party API capabilities, and interfaces to the SRC; Net One Systems overall application development and systems integration expertise in both the network and service layers.

The solution has already been demonstrated and used by several leading service providers, most notably as part of the IPsphere Field Trial - focused on premium consumer video services - showcased at the TM Forum Management World last year in Orlando, Florida and is being featured at Management World 2009 this week in Nice, France. In this most recent phase, the IPsphere Field Trial will highlight the framework flexibility by adding a new use case: premium multi-provider video conferencing.

“Our customers’ evolving business models and broad service interoperability require a framework such as IPsphere,” said Tomohiro Iwamoto, executive general manager of Net One Systems. “Juniper Networks OSCP program and high-performance products greatly accelerated our ability to develop a software solution that could demonstrate the key IPsphere attributes and highlight our own strength in systems integration. The broad use of our joint solution in the IPsphere field trial is a great validation of this approach.”

“The publication of this software solution takes the IPsphere framework to another level by making this compelling service-enabling technology available to a wide and influential audience of industry leaders,” said Jerry Passione, director, Technology Alliances at Juniper Networks. “As a member of the OSCP, Net One Systems has continually demonstrated their expertise in the customization and integration of advanced IP services.”

The IPsphere framework and the Juniper Networks and Net One Systems solution will be on display this week at TM Forum Management World in Nice, France from May 6-8 as part of the Catalyst Technology Showcase.

The TM Forum IPsphere software suite is now available to registered TM Forum members in the IPsphere community at www.tmforum.org.

About the Open IP Service Creation Program

Formally launched in January 2007, the OSCP is an application development program for creating innovative IP service management functionality by leveraging the power of the Juniper Networks Session and Resource Control Portfolio. The OSCP is a component of Juniper’s overall J-Partner Open IP Development Program. The Open IP Development Program also includes the Partner Solution Development Platform (PSDP) that enables customers and partners to develop specialized applications on Juniper’s best-in-class JUNOS software.

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