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BreakingPoint Tests Juniper Networks SRX5800 Services Gateway, Achieving 150 Gbps of Throughput and 109 Gbps of Blended Application Traffic

BreakingPoint's Innovative Network Processing Architecture Emulates Realistic High-Performance Conditions to Test Performance, Security Effectiveness and Scalability

Austin, TX - March 5, 2009 - BreakingPoint announced today that the Juniper Networks SRX5800 Services Gateway achieved 150 Gigabits per second (Gbps) of stateless traffic, 109 Gbps of blended application traffic and live security attacks, and 30 Gbps of intrusion prevention with recommended policies. During a live demonstration held at Juniper Networks (see video at BreakingPoint Labs). BreakingPoint Systems tested the Juniper Networks SRX5800 Services Gateway for firewall and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) throughput using four BreakingPoint Elite chassis. This event marks the first test of a network device using more than 100 Gbps of stateful blended application traffic made possible by BreakingPoint Elite's innovative Network Processing Architecture.

Juniper Networks, Director Product Management, Brian Lazear "Juniper Networks enables innovative solutions that allow the most demanding applications services. BreakingPoint Elite's all-in-one Layer 2-7 performance and security testing of the Juniper Networks SRX allowed us to configure the 150 Gbps application layer test within minutes without having to configure each individual port. Additionally, BreakingPoint Elite's ability to test with actual blended application traffic helped reinforce our claims of having the fastest product on the planet."

News Highlights

  • Juniper Networks SRX5800 Services Gateway becomes first network device tested with over 100 Gbps of blended Layer 4-7 application traffic - an order of magnitude increase in processing speed compared to traditional firewalls.
  • As an extensible "no compromise" networking and security products, the SRX Services Gateways met or exceeded product performance specification of 120 Gbps firewall and 30 Gbps intrusion prevention throughput.
  • The SRX5800 is equipped with a robust list of features that include firewall, IPS, IPSec VPN, denial of service (DoS), Network Address Translation (NAT), and quality of service (QoS). The SRX Series runs on Juniper's powerful JUNOS® Software, a single network operating system integrating routing, switching, and security services, to enable businesses to deploy switching, routing and security infrastructure with the power of a single network operating system.
  • BreakingPoint conducted the test of the Juniper Networks SRX with a single configuration of four BreakingPoint Elite chassis, all managed from a single user interface and producing integrated reports. A single BreakingPoint Elite:
    • Generates blended Layer 4-7 traffic from more than 70 application protocols or custom application protocols at up to 40 Gbps
    • Generates 80 Gbps of Layer 2-3 traffic
    • Can scale easily with multiple BreakingPoint Elite's to provide an unlimited amount of Layer 2-7 traffic using a single interface
    • Is the industry's price-performance leader delivering the lowest cost per TCP session and lowest cost per Gigabit of Layer 4-7 traffic

BreakingPoint CTO, Dennis Cox "Juniper understands the importance of providing truth and realism in the testing environment because it ultimately helps them provide the market with the most innovative products possible. Testing the Juniper Networks SRX this was abundantly clear as the product handled an immense amount of realistic application traffic and live security strikes. Testing with BreakingPoint helps Juniper truly see how products will perform in the real-world and make the necessary changes and development to make their networking products even better."

For more information on the BreakingPoint test results or on Juniper's SRX Services Gateways, please visit www.juniper.net/uk/en/products-services/security/srx-series/.

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