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Korean Automobile Parts Manufacturer Boosts WAN Performance Six-fold with Juniper Networks

SUNNYVALE, Calif., February 3, 2009 - Juniper Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: JNPR), the leader in high-performance networking, today announced that Donghee Industrial, one of Korea's leading automobile parts manufacturers, has boosted the capacity and performance of its wide area network (WAN) with the Juniper Networks WXC 500 application acceleration platform by six-fold. The WXC platform replaces Donghee's legacy WAN optimization solution and is accelerating the company's data sharing with its Eastern European affiliates, which has resulted in dramatically increased organizational efficiency and productivity.

Donghee Industrial's VPN, originally created to connect its overseas affiliates in China, Russia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, was choking on large data files and had become a bottleneck. This led the company's IT team to seek a better WAN optimization solution.

"The WXC 500 has been instrumental to our overseas expansion, allowing dispersed teams to seamlessly work together," said Choi Byung-Wook, IT Manager of Donghee Industrial's Share Service Center. "We already had a WAN optimization solution, but its performance and application support were limited, resulting in many complaints from business users. The Juniper Networks application acceleration platform scored highest in our evaluations, boosting performance six-times more than alternative solutions. The decision was clear to replace our legacy system with Juniper's WXC. Now, complaints from business users have disappeared and productivity has increased significantly."

Donghee's review of various WAN accelerators focused on performance, reliability, technical support and technological capabilities. In addition, benchmark tests proved that the WXC supported a much wider range of applications than the company's legacy acceleration solution.

Juniper Networks WXC application acceleration platforms provide broad application support for Web-based, client-server, custom software, voice, and video applications supporting TCP, UDP, MAPI, CIFS, and HTTP/S protocols. The WXC platforms deliver the performance and scale to support large application deployments in geographically distributed environments, including unmatched acceleration of TCP Flow volume that maps more realistically to the number of individual network transactions.

"A high-performance network that provides fast and consistent application response across the WAN is critical to distributed enterprises such as Donghee Industrial," said Tim Kang, vice president of Korea for Juniper Networks. "By boosting their WANs with Juniper's best-in-class application acceleration platform, companies can benefit from uninterrupted productivity and improved operational and cost efficiencies. Donghee's decision to deploy the WXC platform attests to our solution's innovative features and rich integrated functionality that ensures uncompromised performance and reliability."

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