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Social Media Release: Juniper Networks Revolutionizes Networking with New Dynamic Services Architecture and SRX Dynamic Services Gateways

September 15, 2008 - Sunnyvale, Calif.

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Juniper Networks changes the game in networking with the Juniper Networks Dynamic Services Architecture designed to help high-performance businesses tightly align rapidly changing business requirements with technology investments to accelerate new service deployments.

  • Serves as the framework for the next evolution of networking, which will not only change the way businesses operate, but also improve on how networks are architected
  • Enables enterprises, service providers and public sector agencies to quickly and cost-effectively take advantage of new service opportunities, address changing business requirements, and deliver superior user experiences
  • Delivers advanced applications and services without the service integration and performance tradeoffs associated with administering and managing legacy network infrastructure
  • Increases speed of innovation based on the ability to quickly "Turn-On" new application and service-enabling capabilities, at scale Delivers high-performance security and networking capabilities from a single architecture running on a single operating system and managed by a single management framework, lowering total cost of ownership
  • Offers an extensible "no compromise" solution to scaling integrated services and network capabilities on a single architecture

The Dynamic Services Architecture is the foundation upon which the new Juniper Networks SRX dynamic services gateways are built.

  • Juniper Networks SRX 5600 and 5800 series dynamic services gateway are a new category of extensible networking and security devices that set unprecedented benchmarks for high-performance networking
  • Allows innovative businesses to deploy a high-performance network infrastructure that scales in both performance and security
  • Delivers up to 120+ Gbps firewall throughput - an order of magnitude increase in processing speed compared to traditional firewalls and integrates Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Distributed Denial of Service Attack (DDos/DoS), Network Address Translation (NAT), dynamic routing and Quality of Service (QoS) with additional services in the future to continuously deliver a superior user experience
  • Offers the industry's first dual management engine and purpose-built, carrier-class terabit speed fabric, allowing for extensibility to deliver scalable performance based on a family of right-sized devices, services, processing and input/output modules
  • Runs on Juniper's powerful JUNOS® software to enable businesses to deploy switching, routing and security infrastructure with the power of a single network operating system
  • Reduces operational cost and complexity


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Quotes (Contact Juniper directly for additional Commentary)

"Racks of service specific appliances and blades along with a multitude of operating systems and management interfaces creates a level of network complexity that introduces latency and inhibits new service deployments," said Abner Germanow, director, Enterprise Networks, IDC. "A service architecture that enables businesses to scale in all dimensions dynamically with virtually 'any' service will quickly meet the business requirements and streamline investment decisions."

- Abner Germanow, director, Enterprise Networks, IDC

"Maximizing the value of services and applications while simultaneously minimizing costs is critical for service providers to drive revenues. There is a fundamental requirement for a high-performance scalable network architecture that delivers performance, reliability and security at scale to accelerate new service deployment."

- Ray Mota, chief research officer, Synergy Research Group

"As a high-performance business, our infrastructure needs require dynamic and extensible technology to be competitive in the market place. A flexible platform that enables us to integrate new technology and capabilities as we need it, will continue to allow us to quickly and cost-effectively take advantage of new opportunities, while also securing our network infrastructure. Juniper's SRX is a solution that is designed to help address changing business requirements and maximize technology investments as business needs evolve."

- Sam Ghelfi, CSO, Raymond James Financial, Inc.

"Juniper continues to invest in the innovation necessary to deliver the high-performance network infrastructure that matters most to high-performance businesses. Escalating security and performance demands magnify the need for a dynamic approach that allocates and maximizes the utilization of necessary security and network resources, without compromising network performance. Juniper is the first to deliver on a technology that builds upon a Dynamic Services Architecture, changing the game in the provisioning of high-performance security and networking services to accelerate the deployment of advanced business and consumer services and applications, all while reducing cost, complexity and risk."

- Mark Bauhaus, EVP and GM, Services Layer Technologies, Juniper Networks

"With new applications emerging and the security landscape continuously evolving, innovative businesses require a high-performance network with flexible technology to enable the effective, efficient and dynamic deployment of advanced applications and services," said Michael Frendo, senior vice president, High-End Security Systems, Juniper Networks. "Juniper's Dynamic Services Architecture represents an evolution of networking, enabling businesses to balance network complexity and performance with the services and security they need to extend the value of their network. The first members of the SRX family deliver on the promise of this new Dynamic Services Architectural approach."

- Michael Frendo, senior vice president, High-End Security Systems, Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks, Inc. is the leader in high-performance networking. Juniper offers a high-performance network infrastructure that creates a responsive and trusted environment for accelerating the deployment of services and applications over a single network. This fuels high-performance businesses.

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