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Juniper Networks Sets Industry Benchmark with High-Performance 10 Gbps Intrusion Prevention System Appliance

New IDP Family Provides Comprehensive Security Coverage, Central Management, and Optimized Application Visibility and Performance

RSA Conference 2008
Juniper Booth #1541

SAN FRANCISCO, April 7, 2008 - Juniper Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: JNPR), the leader in high-performance networking, today announced a new family of Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP) appliances, which deliver industry-leading real-world throughput, performance and port density. The new Juniper Networks IDP appliances enable businesses to achieve a responsive and trusted environment by providing comprehensive security coverage at the network perimeter and network core to help accurately identify, secure and manage traffic traversing the network.

High-performance businesses require secure access to business critical applications and services to meet business objectives, but cannot risk the loss of intellectual property or any other disruption to their business. Innovative businesses are focused on protecting their networks from network and application level threats, but must do so without sacrificing network performance. With 10 Gbps of real-world throughput, up to 80 Gbit modular Input/Output (I/O), and a full Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) feature set, the Juniper Networks IDP 8200 delivers the industry's highest real-world throughput, performance and port density combination. The IDP 8200 is uniquely positioned to provide high-performance businesses with comprehensive network-wide protection to thwart network- and application-level attacks without sacrificing performance.

"Network attacks are growing in numbers and sophistication. They are quickly targeting the ever expanding number of application and operating system vulnerabilities. To address these threats, businesses look for high-performance security solutions to safeguard their networks," said Charles Kolodgy, research director of Security Products for IDC. "To minimize the cost and effort associated with maintaining a secure network, organizations require easy-to-maintain intrusion prevention products that handle ever increasing traffic levels, rapidly detect sophisticated attacks, and clean application-level attacks before they do damage."

"Maintaining the highest-levels of security across our network of 60,000 health care professionals in more than 500 locations is critical to our ability to provide round-the-clock, fast, reliable, and secure access to business critical applications and services," said Craig Hulbert, senior network engineer, Information Services, HCR ManorCare. "Juniper's IDP appliances provide us with the comprehensive security coverage, optimized application performance, and visibility and control we require to minimize the time and costs associated with maintaining a high-performance network."

Comprehensive Security and Optimized Application Performance

The Juniper Networks IDP appliances provide comprehensive and easy-to-use in-line protection to thwart network- and application-level attacks before they can inflict damage to the network. Using industry-recognized stateful detection and prevention techniques, the Juniper Networks IDP appliances provide zero-day protection and prevent worms, trojans, spyware, keyloggers and other malware from penetrating the network or spreading from already infected users.

Juniper IDP 8200: 10 Gbps of Real-World Throughput

The Juniper Networks IDP 8200 delivers industry-leading performance with 10 Gbps of real-world throughput, and is ideally suited for large enterprise and service provider deployments. In addition to deployments at the network perimeter, the high throughput delivered by the IDP 8200 enables the deployment of IPS appliances in the network core to secure traffic within the corporate network. The flexibility of modular I/O, the built-in bypass features, and the distinct separation of control and data plane design make the IDP 8200 an optimal solution for networks that demand the highest levels of throughput and reliability.

Juniper IDP 75, 250 and 800: Setting New Price/Performance Benchmarks

The Juniper Networks IDP 75, 250 and 800 offer best-in-class IPS capabilities to a wide range of customers, from the smallest to largest enterprises and to the world's most demanding service providers. The IDP appliances include built-in bypass capabilities to ensure continued network connectivity without the overhead cost and resources needed for an external bypass solution. These new IDP appliances provide continued support for coordinated threat control with Juniper's Unified Access Control and Secure Access SSL VPN. By offering a broad suite of IPS capabilities at industry-leading price/performance target, businesses can avoid traditional security trade-offs when deploying cost-effective IPS products.

Intuitive Management

Juniper Networks IDP products are managed by the Juniper Networks NetScreen-Security Manager (NSM), a centralized, rule-based management solution that provides granular control over the system's behavior. With the ability to manage all Juniper FW/VPN/IDP deployments, NSM offers extensive logging, fully customizable reporting, and management capabilities for the entire network, all from a single user interface. In addition, the IDP appliances also offer on-box reporting capability that enables users to log directly into the appliance, to view reports in real-time.

"High-performance businesses are increasingly demanding secure, reliable and easy to manage solutions that deliver real-time performance in detecting and mitigating exposure to today's complex IT-based threats," said Michael Frendo, senior vice president, High-End Security Systems, Juniper Networks. "Juniper Networks IDP, with industry-leading performance, not only helps protect networks against attacks, but also provides businesses with the necessary visibility and control required to secure business critical assets without compromising application performance."

Juniper Networks is the first vendor to offer daily signature updates for IDP customers, critical in maintaining effective threat coverage and attack response. A dedicated team of researchers from the Juniper Networks Security Research Lab operate around the clock in geographically distributed locations to deliver up-to-date protection against both existing and emerging threats and vulnerabilities. With backgrounds in network security, defense and penetration testing, the researchers lend their expertise in protocol analysis, vulnerability research and signature development to enable customers to deliver comprehensive network and application level security across their network.


The Juniper Networks IDP 75, 250, 800 and 8200 appliances are available today. The IDP 75 starts at a list price of $8,000, the IDP 250 starts at $19,000, the IDP 800 starts at $49,000, and the IDP 8200 starts at $70,000.

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Juniper Networks, Inc. is the leader in high-performance networking. Juniper offers a high-performance network infrastructure that creates a responsive and trusted environment for accelerating the deployment of services and applications over a single network. This fuels high-performance businesses. Additional information can be found at www.juniper.net.

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