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Bankdata Upgrades Network Security with Juniper Networks Remote Access Solution

Speed, Security and Simplicity Maximized for Customers and Remote Workers

SUNNYVALE, Calif., February 19, 2008 - Juniper Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: JNPR), the leader in high-performance networking, today announced that Bankdata, a leading financial services provider in Denmark, has chosen the Juniper Networks market-leading Secure Access SSL VPN solutions to provide safe yet easy access to key applications and other corporate network resources for Bankdata's international workforce and customers.

Bankdata needed a cost-effective way to provide its remote workers in India with seamless access to the corporate network in Denmark to optimize productivity and efficiency, without exposing the network to risk from hackers, malware and other threats that could jeopardize service quality and data integrity. The company also wanted to provide secure customer access to financial applications hosted within the corporate network, without the capital and operational expense of creating an extranet to limit third party access to specific applications only.

"To maintain trust and meet strict financial regulatory compliance requirements, we must optimize data security and services reliability for customers and remote employees. Equally, security deployments cannot become operational bottlenecks, so ease of use and performance were important factors in our choice of a remote access solution," said Claus Piessenberger, head of department, Network Security and Infrastructure at Bankdata. "Juniper's high-performance network infrastructure solutions have provided Bankdata with greater choice and control over its network options and application delivery for remote users."

Juniper's Secure Access solutions meets Bankdata's high-performance networking requirements by providing a Web browser-based solution that enables rapid remote access service roll out on a per-user basis, without having to install and manage individual client software on devices. Each remote user's profile specifies which application and data resources they are entitled access to within Bankdata's infrastructure, to help protect sensitive data from misuse by unauthorized employees and customers.

Secure Access solutions can also automatically perform a dynamic "health check" on each remote user's laptop or access device and verify identity credentials against Bankdata's preset central policy before access is granted, to minimize the risk to the corporate network. If a user's device is found not to have appropriate antivirus, personal firewalls and other security elements in place, or if the device has already been compromised by malware, the session will not be granted - or terminated if the security stance changes mid-session.

"Success in financial services is all about trust, reliability and speed," said Gert-Jan Schenk, senior vice president of operations, EMEA, Juniper Networks. "By deploying the Secure Access solution from Juniper Networks, Bankdata provides an automated solution to support the diverse security needs of its customers and remote employees from a single platform."

The implementation was managed by TopNordic, a Juniper J-Partner in the Nordic region.

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