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Juniper Networks Expands High-Performance Network Infrastructure with New Family of Ethernet Switches

EX-series Ethernet Switches Advance the Economics of Networking by Reducing Capital and Operational Expenses for Enterprise IT Organizations

NEW YORK - January 29, 2008 - Juniper Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: JNPR), the leader in high-performance networking, today introduced the EX-series of Ethernet switches, setting new benchmarks for high-performance network infrastructure in the enterprise. Running on Juniper's powerful JUNOS™ software, a single-source network operating system, the EX-series will deliver the operational simplicity, carrier-class reliability, and infrastructure consolidation and integration that helps high-performance businesses accelerate the deployment of business-enabling applications and services across the network. By alleviating the cost, complexity and risk associated with legacy switch infrastructures, the EX-series switches advance the economics of networking.

IT organizations are under continuous pressure to meet demanding and changing application and service requirements that enable innovation. CIOs are being driven to provide ubiquitous access to strategic assets and business processes across the customer value chain, invest in advanced applications and services that provide the business agility to attract and grow relationships, and improve security measures to protect assets shared across the network. In tandem, CIOs are being pressed to improve operational efficiencies to maximize productivity and profitability. Enterprises continue to struggle to meet these requirements with existing legacy network infrastructures that are limited in performance, slow to adapt, and costly and complex to manage.

The EX-series switches address this dilemma, enabling high-performance businesses to deploy a high-performance network infrastructure based on three key tenets - operational simplicity, carrier-class reliability, and integration and consolidation - to enable ubiquitous access to strategic assets, reduce network downtime and enhance overall security to shared assets across the extended enterprise. Juniper's EX-series switches will help businesses advance the economics of networking by reducing capital and operational expenses, freeing IT budget resources that can be invested in innovative technologies and services that improve operational efficiency and add to the bottom line.

Changing the Rules, Winning The Game

With Juniper's EX-series switches, high-performance businesses will be able to deploy a cost-effective family of switches that deliver the High Availability (HA), unified communications, integrated security and operational excellence required today, with the ability to support the requirements of tomorrow. The EX-series switches are right-sized for campus, data center and remote office environments and feature many of the same carrier-class hardware and software architectures found in Juniper's core routers that were purpose-built to support the convergence of data, voice, and video onto a single always-on network.

Operational Simplicity: Faster Time-to-Innovate

Legacy enterprise switch infrastructures are often inundated by multiple, inconsistent versions of network operating systems, resulting in unpredictable performance as new features are enabled on the network. By leveraging the modular JUNOS software, EX-series switches utilize a single-source operating system that offers a uniform set of features, consistent implementation, and universal configuration and management tools. Running a single-source operating system with unified management across a high-performance network infrastructure enables faster innovation by providing network administrators with the confidence to quickly turn on new features without compromising network performance and stability. A common operating system across the enterprise network infrastructure can further reduce training, maintenance and management costs, which translates into lower TCO.

Carrier-Class Reliability: Keeping Pace with Evolving Business Demands

High-performance businesses increasingly view the network as critical to their success, and can no longer afford the complexity, cost and risk of turning on new network features that can take down the network. To mitigate the impact of security risks on network operations, Juniper Networks has integrated its Unified Access Control (UAC) solution with the new EX-series switches to provide businesses with the ability to control user access to mission critical applications and company assets through the enforcement of end-to-end policies.

Integration and Consolidation: Lower Administration Overhead

Traditional enterprise networks are often built upon multiple layers of switches deployed in three general areas: access, aggregation and core. Originally designed to deliver scalable port density and performance and minimize the impact of network failures, these multiple switching layers can add unnecessary cost and complexity to the network and consume a significant portion of the IT budget just to keep them up and running.

Juniper's EX-series switches will deliver scalable port densities and carrier-proven high availability features that consolidate legacy switch layers, helping to reduce capital and operational expenses and advance the economics of networking. The EX 4200 series Ethernet switches with Virtual-Chassis™ technology, for example, deliver the same Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) and 10GbE port densities as traditional chassis-based switches, but at one-eighth the footprint and less than one third the cost, providing businesses an economical pay-as-you-grow approach to building high-performance networks. For greater application visibility, the Juniper EX-series switches will feature ASIC-based flow capabilities that permit the hardware-based collection of network statistics combined with the integrated ability to identify applications. This can significantly reduce administration and training costs, troubleshooting, downtime and outsourcing costs.

"As our business has evolved from a focus on regional, floor-based trading to a national electronic exchange that removes virtually all human interaction, the scale of our infrastructure has grown by orders of magnitude, and the speed with which we can deliver information and execute orders is the number one requirement for our participants," said Frank Ziegler, vice president of communications at the Philadelphia Stock Exchange. "Juniper's high-performance network infrastructure enables PHLX to be one of the fastest and most reliable Reg NMS-compliant electronic trading venues in the world. The addition of the new EX-series Ethernet switches will help us expand our fast, reliable and secure network and continue to meet the evolving performance needs of our users."

Juniper's EX 3200 series: Fixed-Configuration Platforms

The EX 3200 series switches are fixed-configuration Ethernet platforms offering a simple, cost-effective, standalone solution for low-density regional and corporate office deployments. Installed in wiring closets to provide network access, the 24- and 48-port EX 3200 switches offer simple plug-and-play 10/100/1000BASE-T connectivity to meet today's converged network requirements. Full and partial Power over Ethernet (PoE) options are available for supporting IP-enabled devices such as telephones, security cameras and wireless LAN (WLAN) access points in converged network environments. Optional four-port GbE and two-port 10GbE uplink modules with pluggable optics are also available for supporting high-speed connections to other switches or upstream devices such as routers. A field-replaceable power supply and fan tray lowers mean time to repair.

Juniper's EX 4200 series: Virtual Chassis Technology

The EX 4200 series Ethernet switches with Virtual-Chassis technology combine the reliability, scalability, and ease of management of modular systems with the economics and flexibility of stackable platforms, delivering a high-performance, scalable solution for data center, corporate and regional office environments. Like the EX 3200 switches, EX 4200 series switches offer 24- and 48-port 10/100/1000BASE-T configurations with full and partial PoE and optional GbE and 10GbE uplink modules, plus a 24-port fiber switch offering 100/1000BASE-X support. Using Virtual Chassis technology, up to 10 EX 4200 series switches can be interconnected over a 128 Gigabit-per-second (Gbps) backplane, creating a single virtual switch supporting up to 480 10/100/1000BASE-T ports and up to 40 GbE or 20 10GbE uplink ports. All EX 4200 series switches include HA features such as redundant, hot-swappable internal power supplies and field-replaceable, multi-blower fan trays to help deliver maximum uptime.

Juniper's EX 8200 series: Terabit Chassis-Based Configurations

The modular EX 8200 series Terabit Ethernet switches will deliver a high-performance, highly scalable solution for high-density 10GbE enterprise core and aggregation deployments. Juniper will offer two EX 8200 series switches - an eight-slot 1.6 Terabit Chassis and a 16-slot 3.2 terabit Chassis. Featuring enterprise-class routing tables and deep, hardware-based packet buffers, the EX 8200 switches will offer some of the industry's highest wire-speed 10GbE port densities for its switch class - 64 ports in the eight-slot chassis and 128 ports in the 16-slot chassis. Two fully-equipped 16-slot EX 8200 switches will fit in a single 42-unit rack, delivering 256 wire-speed 10GbE ports per rack.

"For many enterprises, legacy network infrastructure has become a pacing factor in meeting their high-performance business requirements," said Hitesh Sheth, executive vice president and general manager of the Ethernet Platforms Business Group at Juniper Networks. "Enterprises can no longer afford the complexity, cost and risk of turning on new network features for fear of taking down the network. Through the introduction of our high-performance family of Ethernet switches based on JUNOS software, Juniper is delivering a solution that meets the business, economic and technical requirements of today's service-enabling network infrastructure."

Pricing, Availability and JUNOS-based Switching Certification

The EX 3200 and EX 4200 series switches are expected to be available in March 2008. The list price for the EX 3200 series starts at USD $4,000 while the list price of the EX 4200 series starts at USD $6,000. The EX 8200 series is expected to be available in the second half of 2008. Juniper also announced the extension of the Juniper Networks Certification Fast Track Program through 2008, and now includes a certification for JUNOS-based switching. For more information on the EX-series Ethernet switches, please visit www.juniper.net/switch. For more information on the Fast Track Program, please visit https://www.juniper.net/training/fasttrack/.

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