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Korean Travel Web Site Increases Customer Satisfaction and Staff Productivity with Juniper Networks High-Performance Network Infrastructure

Lotte Tour Triples Customer Traffic Following Deployment of Juniper Networks DX 3600 Application Acceleration Platform

SEOUL, December 11, 2007 - Juniper Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: JNPR), the leader in high-performance networking, today announced that Korea's Lotte Tour Development has realized dramatic customer satisfaction and staff productivity gains following deployment of the Juniper Networks DX 3600 data center load balancer and application acceleration platform. The DX 3600 reduced Lotte Tour's Web page load times, increased bandwidth and server availability, and enhanced network security, all while lowering the travel company's operating costs.

"The DX platform essentially doubled our server performance, which has made a dramatic impact on customer satisfaction," said Goh Kil-Jun, Lotte Tour's IT Planning Team Manager. "Before the new deployment, half our visitors would give up waiting after only two seconds on our home page. We lost significant business opportunities because of this latency. After implementing the Juniper application acceleration platform, page load times dropped by more than half, customers spent nearly twice the time browsing our Web site and we attracted up to three-fold more customers."

In addition to increased visitor volume following the deployment, Lotte Tour also saw a boost in the average time customers spent perusing Lotte Tour's offerings. "Prior to incorporating the DX into our data center, customers spent an average of nine minutes browsing our content. Now we're seeing averages of 15 minutes or more," added Goh. "Our Web server loads also dropped from 96 percent peak utilization to less than 50 percent, with the DX handling most of the processing and load balancing."

Lotte Tour's staff has become more productive with the increased network performance, enjoying fast, reliable and secure access to Web-based applications that improves overall user experience. "Because we primarily use Web-based enterprise applications to process customer orders, not only are our customers happier, but our staff can service them with greater ease, efficiency and effectiveness," said Goh.

Integral to Juniper's high-performance network infrastructure offerings, the DX 3600 offloads core networking and I/O responsibilities from Web and application servers to accelerate the performance of Web applications. The DX platform is specifically designed to simplify and enhance data center architectures by replacing multiple point products. Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) capabilities enable the DX platform to load-balance traffic across geographically distributed data centers. By integrating advanced security functionality and providing enhanced Web performance and application availability in an easy-to-manage, flexible appliance, the DX load balancing and application acceleration platform is a critical network infrastructure platform for today's data centers.

"Lotte Tour's experience with the DX 3600 highlights the profound difference that a high-performance network infrastructure can make to businesses with a Web presence," said Tim Kang, vice president of Korea for Juniper Networks. "Our application acceleration offerings transform not just external performance but internal processes. Enterprises such as Lotte Tour that view the network as critical to their success can catapult ahead of competitors by investing in a dynamic business model that accelerates differentiation and revenue growth."

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