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Juniper Networks Delivers Industry-First Platform for Customer and Partner Application Development on Carrier-Class Network Operating System

Partner Solution Development Platform Opens Opportunity to Accelerate the Pace of Network Innovation with JUNOS Software

SUNNYVALE, Calif., December 10, 2007 -Juniper Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: JNPR), the leader in high-performance networking, today announced the Partner Solution Development Platform (PSDP) that enables customers and partners to develop specialized applications on best-in-class JUNOS software. With the industry's first partner development platform for a carrier-class network operating system, customers and partners can accelerate innovation for the deployment of new revenue-generating services that are unique to their business, while improving network operations productivity.

The PSDP offers a powerful set of resources, including a software development kit (SDK) with intelligent and secure interfaces to JUNOS routing and service functions. These tools will provide customers and partners with greater choice and control in designing, developing and deploying specialized applications such as event-optimized routing, customized bandwidth management, advanced security services and extended operations toolsets.

"IBM sees the nature of innovation changing at a pace unheard of in modern history- increasingly open, collaborative, multi-disciplinary and global," said John L. Ryan, business development executive, Strategic Alliances at IBM. "By opening up the network to richer services offerings and deeper application integration, Juniper is on the forefront of a new movement to build ecosystems of innovators that cross a wide range of applications and industries."

Juniper Networks provides access to the Partner Solution Development Platform technology, as well as technical and business support, through its Open IP Solution Development Program for customers and partners. The PSDP will be available through an annual licensing program. The inaugural program members include Aricent and Avaya, among others.

"The number one goal of network operators today is leveraging the value of their networks to increase revenue and profits to differentiate their services on something more than price," said Tom Nolle, president and CEO of CIMI Corporation. "Juniper's opening of JUNOS to partner development offers operators a way to build valuable features into their networks, features that can both differentiate existing services and create new and valuable offerings. The decision to open a router OS is a bold move that can be made only by a vendor with a long history of stability, security, and straightforward standardized releases. Juniper fits that model."

The inherent security and stability of JUNOS software, combined with its modular architecture and single-source code, provides a proven foundation for delivering best-in-class performance, reliability, security and scale with attractive total cost of ownership. Combining the unique expertise of customers and partners with the continuous systems availability and the automated operations efficiency of JUNOS software will help fuel the economics of high-performance networking.

"With over a decade of delivering disruptive innovation, the JUNOS network operating system is fast becoming the preferred choice for high-performance businesses," said Kim Perdikou, executive vice president and general manager, Infrastructure Products Group, Juniper Networks. "The requirements of an increasingly disparate and global networking market create an innovation imperative extending beyond the capabilities of any single vendor. The PSDP recognizes the power of a diverse ecosystem of innovation that will enable our customers and partners to innovate at the speed of business."

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