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Korean University Secures Campus Network with Juniper Networks

Sungshin Women's University Mitigates Risk to Security Threats with Juniper's High-Performance Intrusion Detection and Prevention Platform

SUNNYVALE, Calif., November 6, 2007 - Juniper Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: JNPR), the leader in high-performance networking, today announced that Seoul's Sungshin Women's University has secured its campus network with the deployment of Juniper Networks Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP) platform. The University has integrated the Juniper Networks IDP 1100 platform into its campus-wide network to provide comprehensive protection without compromising performance. Juniper's IDP 1100 protects the University's 13,000 students and 680 faculty against a wide range of network-based malware, including worms, Trojans, spyware and keyloggers.

"Juniper's IDP platform has both streamlined and improved our overall network security infrastructure," said Ki Hyoe-sung, Manager, Computer Information Operation Team, Sungshin Women's University. "Previously we were burned with a cumbersome and ineffective mix of security products incapable of effectively combating frequent virus and worm attacks. By virtue of its comprehensive protection and ease of management, the IDP 1100 enables us to focus our resources and provide better technical support by alleviating the burden of managing a patch work security products."

The IDP 1100 delivers in-line network defense, monitoring the University's network traffic across its physical campus and remote VPN sessions. The solution dynamically identifies and neutralizes network threats by identifying malicious behavior through sophisticated methodology, including frequently updated attack signatures.

Juniper's family of high-performance IDP platforms provides zero-day protection against malware, helping to avert these attacks from penetrating networks and spreading throughout an organization. Juniper's IDP platforms identify and stop network and application-level attacks before they inflict damage, minimizing the time and costs associated with intrusions. In addition to protecting networks against attacks, Juniper's IDP platforms provide information on rogue servers, as well as types and versions of applications and operating systems that may have been maliciously installed on network devices. Combined with a granular level of control, administrators are able to effectively control access to specific applications and ensure business critical applications receive a predictable quality of service.

"Ensuring a safe, effective communications environment is imperative at education institutions such as Sungshin Women's University," said Tim Kang, vice president of Korea for Juniper Networks. "By consolidating the management of security measures using Juniper's IDP platform, organizations such as Sungshin are able to proactively mitigate security risks and maximize their IT resources and staff, freeing them to spend more time innovating and creating value-added services that support higher-learning and less time tediously combating malware and network intrusion."

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