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Juniper Networks Announces the Release of a Comprehensive Network Security Reference Guide "Security Power Tools"

In-depth Resource for all Levels of Security Researchers

SUNNYVALE, Calif. - Aug. 29, 2007 - Juniper Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: JNPR), the leader in high-performance networking, today announced the release and availability of "Security Power Tools." Co-authored by members of the Juniper Networks Security Engineering team and guest experts, this intuitive guide reveals how to use, tweak, and push the most popular network security applications, utilities and tools available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating system environments. Designed as a reference guide, "Security Power Tools" offers readers insight into multiple network security approaches via 23 cross-referenced chapters that review the best security tools in the industry for both attack and defense.

"Security Power Tools" covers an impressive array of issues, including exploits, rootkits, network attack monitoring, reverse engineering binaries, vulnerability scanning and wireless penetration. Attacks, as well as defenses, are dissected and each is complemented with tips, tricks and "how-to" advice. Depending on the particular tool being discussed, expertise levels range from command-line operation to advanced programming of self-hiding exploits.

"The 'Security Power Tools' book presents more than the simple two-page summary of what any given tool does, it provides readers with a deeper understanding of how these tools are used," said Avishai Avivi, director of the Juniper Networks Security Engineering and Research group. "When we were approached to co-author this book, I knew that our team's in-depth knowledge and expertise of these tools through years of working with them would be a perfect fit. This is a must-read guide for anyone in the network security field."

Published by O'Reilly Media, "Security Power Tools" is available world-wide wherever technical books are sold. For more information, to read a sample chapter, or on other books written by Juniper Networks engineers and authors, visit www.juniper.net/books. For more information from O'Reilly Media, visit www.oreilly.com/catalog/9780596009632.

About the Authors

Nicolas Beauchesne, Bryan Burns, Christopher Iezzoni, Paul Guersch, Dave Killion, Michael Lynn, Steve Manzuik, Eric Markham, Eric Moret, and Julien Sobrier are all part of Juniper's Security Engineering Team led by Avishai Avivi. Philippe Biondi is a research engineer at EADS Innovation Works and the creator of many security tools and programs, such as Scapy and ShellForge. Jennifer Stisa Granick has been the Executive Director of the Center for Internet and Society at Stanford Law School, where she taught Cyberlaw, and recently became the Civil Liberties Director with the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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