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Juniper Networks and Wipro Infotech Accelerate India Stock Trading Portal

Juniper Networks DX Platforms Improve Sharekhan's Website Response Times, Security and Scale

SUNNYVALE, Calif., August 20, 2007 - Juniper Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: JNPR), the leader in high-performance networking, today announced that Sharekhan, one of India's top five securities trading firms, has boosted the responsiveness, security and scale of its stock-trading website with Juniper Networks DX 3280 load balancing and application acceleration platforms. Wipro Infotech, one of the world's leading business process outsourcing providers and system integrators, deployed the platforms.

According to Sharekhan, the DX platforms have increased the scalability of its customer-facing website by up to 100 times, improving performance and responsiveness of concurrent user sessions to accommodate an increasing number of users without spending more on additional Web servers.

While accelerating Web application performance, including secure SSL-based trading transactions, the DX platforms also further protects Sharekhan's Web infrastructure with an "internal firewall" functionality in the critical transaction zone where Web-enabled applications reside. The DX platforms also authenticate Sharekhan's users and protect servers from denial-of-service (DoS) and SYN flood attacks.

"The Juniper Networks DX platforms were the rational solution to our scalability needs," said Ketan Parekh, Sharekhan's CTO. "The DX platforms have eliminated the need to constantly add new servers to keep up with our quickly expanding customer base. Such a brute-force solution would have increased administrative complexity and overhead costs, and still not have delivered the efficiency and security we now have. The DX solution gives us a greater return on investment from our Web trading infrastructure thanks to the confidence of continued scalability."

This project marks the beginning of a focused initiative between Juniper Networks and Wipro Infotech to jointly address opportunities to accelerate application performance across enterprise WANs and Data Centers in the Indian sub-continent. Wipro Infotech's client base for its systems integration and strategic IT consultancy services gives it an optimal position to help its customers leverage the superior performance and return on investment of the Juniper Networks application acceleration solutions.

Anand Padmanabhan, Vice president, Technology Infrastructure Services, Wipro Infotech added, "The association spells good news for Wipro's customers who can benefit hugely from the productivity gains, in addition to operational savings accrued from implementation. The need for Indian IT to accelerate application performance has never been more critical. The booming economy, not to mention the stock market, the demands of the consumer and the industry, have made it necessary to optimize performance and return on investment."

Part of the extensive Juniper Networks portfolio of application acceleration solutions, the DX 3280 offloads core networking and I/O responsibilities from Web and application servers to improve the performance of Web applications. With the ability to server load balance (SLB) up to half-a-million concurrent sessions, 20,000 concurrent SSL sessions and 5,000 concurrent SSL transactions per second, the DX platform also simplifies and improves data center architectures by replacing multiple point products. Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) capabilities allow the DX platform to load-balance traffic across geographically distributed data centers. By incorporating critical security functionality and providing enhanced Web performance and application availability in an easy-to-manage, flexible appliance, the DX load balancing and application acceleration platform is designed to be a critical element of the new data center.

"Our high-performance networking solutions are supporting India's growing enterprises with a clear and intelligent path to scalability," said Nagendra 'Venky' Venkaswamy, managing director of Juniper Networks India. "Network-based businesses such as Sharekhan need high-performance networks that take them to the next level with superior return on investment, cost efficiency, and infrastructure performance."

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