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Juniper Networks Accelerates Service Provider Multiplay Revenue Opportunities

Introduces Compact Next-Generation E120 Broadband Services Router; Will Deliver Unique Service Awareness and New Addressable, Measurable Advertising Models for Multiplay Services

SUNNYVALE, Calif., July 9, 2007 - Juniper Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: JNPR), the leader in high-performance networking, today announced the newest member of the market-leading E-series family, the E120 Broadband Services Router (BSR). The E120 mirrors the advanced feature set, high-performance and reliability of the E320 BSR in a smaller, highly efficient form factor, enabling providers to quickly and cost-effectively extend multiplay services to untapped markets served by smaller points of presence. The E-series family of BSRs, including the E120, delivers unmatched service awareness, allowing providers to accelerate IPTV and multiplay revenue opportunities while developing additional sources of income through addressable and measurable advertising.

Delivering 120 Gbps of capacity in a compact chassis-50 percent greater capacity than currently shipping competitive platforms-the E120 supports up to 64,000 individual subscribers, enabling providers to generate incremental revenue easily and efficiently. The E120 shares the same proven JUNOSe operating system, line cards and interface modules as the widely-deployed E320, which ensures service consistency and can reduce operational complexity and expenses.

Juniper Networks E-series portfolio, including the new E120 and the award winning E320, represents one of the industry's broadest portfolio of next-generation broadband services routers. Fully integrated with the Session Resource and Control for deep policy management and control, the E-series delivers optimum scale, reliability and performance to support a wide range of advanced multiplay services, such as video on demand and IPTV. According to Synergy Research Q107 market share reports, the E-series is the market leading broadband services router for IPTV services in the industry . In less than two years since introduction, the E320 has achieved broad market acceptance, as evidenced by its current installed base of nearly 800 platforms, deployed in over 70 provider networks worldwide.

Expanding Multiplay Revenue with Addressable and Measurable Advertising

The service and subscriber-aware E-series will uniquely enable multiplay providers to determine on a second-by-second basis which IPTV or Video-on-Demand channels viewers watched, valuable information that can provide the basis for advertising revenue. By translating Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) traffic into detailed program data, providers can gather real-time viewing statistics that are invaluable to national, regional and local advertisers constantly striving for more reliable metrics and greater accountability.

Furthermore the ability to deliver highly-targeted advertisements based on geographic, demographic, and usage-based patterns will enable advertisers to develop localized, highly-targeted ad campaigns. Highly accurate subscriber data can assure more valuable and effective ad placements, while opening up a significant new revenue opportunity for IPTV service providers. With the introduction of the new E120, service providers will be able to efficiently extend this service information to broader markets, further expanding the value to service providers and advertisers.

"Juniper's unique approach to multiplay advertising is right on target for providing a personalized and relevant experience to customers. It also provides our organization with more options to increase IP revenues from advertising," said Joe Mosher, director, ISP, Aliant, one of North America's largest regional communications providers. Through its operating entities Aliant serves customers in six Canadian provinces with innovative information.

Juniper Networks has completed interoperability and joint solutions testing with an initial set of partners that will enable service providers and advertisers to leverage the advertising opportunity, including:

  • HP: Centralized business intelligence system collects, analyzes, and reports viewing data; makes ad placement decisions
  • Packet Vision: Targeted, addressable advertising service embracing the accountability and interactivity of IPTV
  • NebuAd: Targeted browser-based ad insertions for high-speed internet users
  • SeaChange International: Linear and advanced advertising solutions

"The E120 addresses a major concern for service providers, specifically how to cost-effectively scale their IPTV services to reach a larger subscriber base served by smaller, space and power-constrained sites," said Jeff Heynen, directing analyst, Broadband and IPTV, Infonetics Research. "Furthermore, the E-series multiplay ad solution will allow IPTV providers to deliver highly-targeted and context-specific ads to their subscribers across the 3 screens-TV, PC, and mobile phone-giving them a huge advantage over their competitors in the eyes of advertisers and ad buying agencies."

Through Juniper's unique multiplay architecture, its commitment to openness and ecosystem of partners, Juniper is enabling service providers to offer highly-customized, reliable multiplay services, while providing the opportunity to develop a strategic and incremental new source of revenue through targeted advertising. To help service providers plan and implement a targeted advertising strategy, Juniper has developed an achievable multi-phase implementation roadmap to reaching more advanced, and more valuable advertising models.

"With the E120, Juniper has further strengthened our market-leading portfolio of Broadband Services Routers, which are critical to delivering high-value multiplay services reliably, effectively and efficiently," said Shailesh Shukla, vice president of Service Provider Marketing and Partnerships, Juniper Networks. "Additionally because of the in-depth service awareness provided by the E-series and our work with market leading partners, we are opening the door for IPTV service providers to leverage addressable advertising to generate incremental revenue streams, while dramatically increasing the value they can provide to advertisers."

The E120 BSR is expected to be generally available for deployment in Q307.

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