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Juniper Networks Advances Enterprise Data Center Solution

New Products Address Key IT Initiatives and Changing Requirements for Next-generation Data Centers

SUNNYVALE, Calif., October 16, 2006 - Juniper Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: JNPR) today introduced a series of new products that advance the company's comprehensive data center solution and meet the changing requirements for enterprise data centers. Combining new best-in-class DX™ and WXC™ application acceleration platforms with previously-announced enterprise IP routing and security solutions, the Juniper solution increases application performance, ensures high availability and delivers advanced visibility and intelligence for enterprise data centers. The Juniper data center solution addresses key IT initiatives, including data center consolidation, web-enablement of applications, data replication and backup, implementation of high-availability architectures, security, and regulatory compliance.

The new products announced today - the DX 3280 and DX 3680 data center acceleration platforms, and the WXC 590 WAN application acceleration platform - advance performance, availability and management of the Juniper Networks data center solution. The DX 3280 and DX 3680 platforms run the new DX operating system (DXOS™) v5.2 software. The WXC 590 platform runs the new WX operating system (WXOS™) v5.4 software and is managed by the latest release of the WX Central Management System™ (WX CMS™) software, version 5.4. For more information on today's new product announcements, as well as the previously announced routers and security solutions, visit https://www.juniper.net/company/presscenter/.

"Scalability, high availability and visibility are the top priorities for the new data center. No single point solution can support these needs across a vast and distributed IT infrastructure," said Zeus Kerravala, vice president at Yankee Group, a leading industry analyst firm. "Juniper Networks is providing a clear vision for how it will support customers' next-generation data center initiatives and a best-in-class product portfolio that touches on all of these critical functions."

Server Centralization and Data Center Consolidation

Centralizing servers and consolidating data centers helps enterprises cut real estate, server, software license, power, WAN infrastructure and service costs. Consolidation also allows enterprises to gain better control over critical corporate resources while reducing management complexity and simplifying regulatory compliance.

However, server centralization and data center consolidation create performance and security problems for remote, mobile and branch office users who must access centralized applications and data over a WAN with significantly less bandwidth, higher latency and increased congestion compared to LAN connections. The new DX and WXC application acceleration platforms perform at scale and help ensure optimum application response times, restoring productivity and delivering a more LAN-like experience for all users accessing centralized resources.

Web-enablement of Applications

Enterprises are also migrating from traditional client/server applications to Web-based versions in order to provide universal access to all users and tie them into core business processes. By Web-enabling client/server applications, businesses reduce costs by centralizing operations and eliminating the need to install and support client software on end-user machines. As dependence on Web-enabled applications has grown over the past several years, so has the proliferation of disparate devices deployed in the data center to support an increasing number of users and amount of network traffic, driving up costs and complexity while hampering performance.

The new DX and WXC application acceleration platforms, working in conjunction with the Juniper Networks IP routing and security solutions, optimize performance and availability of Web-enabled applications for the ever-increasing number of users.

"The demands of the real-time enterprise require an infrastructure that delivers superior application performance and availability with strong policy enforcement and management visibility without compromising on security. Agility and intelligence requirements in real-time enterprises require that they leverage existing technology investments through a standards-based approach in order to address critical IT initiatives," said Steven Wastie, vice president of enterprise marketing at Juniper Networks. "Failure to meet these initiatives may prohibit enterprises from meeting core business goals. The Juniper Networks data center solution helps enterprises successfully meet these key these IT initiatives."

Data Replication and Backup for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

IT resources including applications and databases account for an ever-increasing proportion of overall corporate assets. Ensuring business continuity by having a disaster recovery plan and a robust data replication, backup and recovery strategy is critical for enterprises. The new Juniper Networks data center products support disaster recovery initiatives by enabling continuous asynchronous data replication and backup to meet increasingly demanding recovery-point objectives while maintaining swift response times for users. The new products also enable fast recovery across the WAN in the event of a calamity to meet recovery-time objectives.

Central Control and Auditing for Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

To simplify regulatory compliance, enterprises are looking to consolidate data centers while ensuring LAN-like application response times for users accessing centralized applications. The Juniper Networks data center solution enables enterprises to consolidate geographically dispersed servers and data centers while providing fast and consistent application performance for users accessing centralized resources. This drastically simplifies IT's ability to meet regulatory compliance by centralizing e-mail, file and database servers in a smaller number of locations.

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Juniper Networks develops purpose-built, high performance IP platforms that enable customers to support a wide variety of services and applications at scale. Service providers, enterprises, governments and research and education institutions rely on Juniper to deliver a portfolio of proven networking, security and application acceleration solutions that solve highly complex, fast-changing problems in the world's most demanding networks. Additional information can be found at www.juniper.net.

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