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Korean Venture Fund Accelerates Business-Critical Applications with Juniper Networks

KIBO Deploys WX WAN Optimization Platforms to Reduce Bandwidth Costs, Improve Application Performance for Branch Office Users

SUNNYVALE, Calif., September 26, 2006 - Juniper Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: JNPR) today announced that the Kibo technology fund, one of Korea's largest technology investment funds, has deployed the Juniper Networks WAN optimization platforms to accelerate traffic across its widely distributed nationwide network. The WX™ and WXC™ application acceleration platforms allow Kibo to significantly improve application response times, reduce bandwidth costs and boost productivity across 60 branch offices throughout Korea.

Kibo chose to deploy the Juniper WX 100, WXC 500 and WXC 250 appliances to reduce file sharing protocol inefficiencies, speed up response time for Kibo's IBM Lotus groupware application, and pave the way for the introduction of voice-over-IP (VoIP) services. Leveraging the Juniper Networks application acceleration solutions, Kibo was able to achieve these objectives while lowering total cost of ownership and increasing network security.

"The Juniper Networks solution has not only improved application performance, but have actually raised our security posture as well," said Sa-Ik Song, head of IT Operations Team at Kibo Technology Fund. "The accelerated traffic running between our corporate headquarters and our remote and branch offices is compressed and encrypted by the WX and WXC devices, hindering interception attempts and adding to our other protective measures."

Scaling Performance

Kibo selected the Juniper Networks solution following a competitive evaluation that revealed the WX and WXC platforms delivered superior traffic throughput and Quality of Service (QoS) functionality compared to competitive offerings. The evaluation showed that the WX and WXC platforms were able to simultaneously provide higher performance and more reliable accelerated connections than alternative solutions.

The Juniper Networks WX and WXC platforms give distributed enterprises a scalable approach to accelerating application delivery over the WAN. The WX 100 allowed Kibo to create a stacked configuration of WXC 500 platforms that provides a high-performance data-center solution with maximum throughput and acceleration while presenting a single management entity to improve operational simplicity.

Accelerating Business Performance

Based on the integrated WX Framework™, which delivers the elements needed to accelerate applications and optimize WAN performance, the WX and WXC platforms help businesses improve application response times, maximize WAN investments, and control and prioritize key applications.

WAN optimization is achieved through a combination of patented Juniper Networks technologies, including Molecular Sequence Reduction/products/appaccel/ (MSR/products/appaccel/), which eliminates repetitious and redundant data patterns to reduce the amount of traffic traversing the WAN, speeding the transfer of large files over wide-area links. The WXC platforms also feature built-in hard drives that allow them to support Network Sequence Caching technology, which uses the extra capacity to store particularly large data sequences for longer periods of time, enabling up to 100-fold increases in WAN capacity.

To improve application performance, the WX and WXC platforms also include Packet Flow Acceleration™ (PFA™) technology, which reduces the impact of latency on TCP-based applications operating over long-distance links. The WX and WXC platforms also deliver Application Flow Acceleration (AppFlow) technology to accelerate the performance of specific applications such as Microsoft Exchange, Windows files services, and web-enabled applications which rely on layer 7 protocols that are slowed dramatically by WAN latency.

"Korean enterprises need technological solutions that support rapid business growth and increase productivity without added overhead," said Tim Kang, Juniper Networks' vice president of Korea. "Organizations such as Kibo are recognizing the competitive advantages achieved with our solution, including timely delivery of information and increased responsiveness of networked applications."

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