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Juniper Networks and NETMARKS Create Remote Network Quarantine SSL VPN Solution

Innovative Technologies Combined to Create Best-of-Class Managed Service

SUNNYVALE, June 7, 2006 - Juniper Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: JNPR) today announced that Japanese solutions provider NETMARKS, INC. has launched the world's first remote quarantine managed service based on Juniper Networks' industry-leading Secure Access SSL VPN appliances. The new service joins NETMARKS' network quarantine technology, which first came to market in 2004, with SSL VPNs from Juniper Networks. The solution leverages Juniper's End-point Defense Initiative (J.E.D.I.) and Host Checker functionality to identify and mitigate network threats in a VPN environment and enables remote quarantine of malicious traffic or files at an end-user device, greatly enhancing the level of security for an enterprise using this new managed SSL VPN service.

"We have partnered with Juniper Networks to create an innovative enhancement for our market-leading VPN solution," said Youichi Kamei, director of Service Management, NETMARKS. "The distributed enterprise model of today allows organizations to leverage the benefits of having local points of presence at different geographical locations, but exposes a company to network-based threats, such as viruses and unauthorized access. Juniper's SSL VPN system is the most secure and easy to deploy solution in the market and we have leveraged our remote quarantine capabilities while maintaining high security performance."

The Juniper Networks Secure Access series of SSL VPN appliances makes it possible for organizations to deploy cost-effective secure access, extranet, and intranet security. The use of SSL eliminates the need for client-software deployment and costly ongoing client maintenance or changes to internal servers. The Secure Access appliances also offer sophisticated partner or customer extranet features that enable controlled access to differentiated users and groups, with no infrastructure changes, no DMZ deployments, and no software agents installed. The Secure Access appliances feature advanced virtualization features making them ideal for multiple managed services including remote employee and partner access.

NETMARKS' "Network Quarantine Service Remote for J.E.D.I." is designed to ensure that enterprise security policies are observed, whether employees conscientiously perform regular Windows security updates, keep their anti-virus software updated, or execute rogue applications, such as those connecting to remote and unauthorized computers. In the case a quarantine procedure needs to be undertaken, network administrators can do so via a specially-designed Web application. The system is also able to respond intelligently in cases of malfunction.

"This network quarantine service is a best-of-both-worlds joint solution between two industry leaders," said Masanori Osuga, vice president of Japan for Juniper Networks. "Now distributed enterprise customers can leverage the strategic business advantages of secure remote access while enjoying the superior performance, security, and ease of use of Juniper's SSL VPN technology and the rapid response of NETMARKS' remote quarantine service to quickly mitigate network threats regardless of user location."


NETMARKS was established in 1997, as an integrator of network systems in multi-vendor environments, amidst growing demand for the implementation of networks tailored to the needs of the age that were not restricted to a single equipment manufacturer. NETMARKS' business centers on four solutions - the implementation of network systems assuring a flexible response to the latest technology, which are the basis for all other systems, the integration of security systems that assure the protection of critical information, the integration of storage network systems that ensure safe storage and help to make the most effective use of data, and outsourcing services that manage and monitor systems after implementation. NETMARKS combines these solutions to provide total customer support, from design and implementation to operation & monitoring and maintenance. Additional information can be found at www.netmarks.co.jp.

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