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Orcon Scales Broadband Network with Juniper Networks Routing Solution

New Zealand Broadband Provider Secures and Assures DSL Network with E- and M-Series Routing Platforms

SUNNYVALE,Calif., February 21, 2006 - Juniper Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: JNPR) today announced that Orcon Internet, a leading New Zealand Internet service provider, has deployed Juniper Networks E- and M-series platforms to meet increasing demand for high-speed residential and business-class DSL services. With the M-series in the core and the E-series aggregating traffic at the edge, Orcon can be assured their network will operate with superior reliability, security and performance. The Juniper Networks solution also provides Orcon with a flexible, service-oriented network architecture capable of supporting advanced broadband services in the future.

"The scalability of the E- and M-series enables us to cater to higher traffic rates and the increased demand for broadband services," said Seeby Woodhouse, founder and owner of Orcon Internet. "We are also able to leverage features not available on our legacy equipment such as the ability to apply application-specific and per-customer QoS policies. The Juniper solution's high reliability and ease-of-deployment has also freed up our technical teams so they can focus on developing new value-added services, rather than being occupied with operational burdens."

The Juniper Networks E-series Broadband Services Router is a central component of the broadband edge, with a proven architecture that has been deployed in the world's largest broadband networks. The E-series platforms provide scalable capacity for hundreds of thousands of users and deliver advanced features and capabilities that ensure QoS, support high availability and improve automation, enabling providers to introduce multi-media broadband services such as VoIP, VoD and IPTV.

The M-series multiservice routing platform is a versatile core and edge solution, reliably supporting Layer 2 services, including ATM, Ethernet and Frame Relay; full Layer 3 services; including firewall, virtual routers, MPLS, VPLS, data encryption, and many other advanced security and connectivity services. Juniper Networks M-series routers utilize a high performance hardware-based architecture and the JUNOS operating system to ensure superior reliability and performance for latency sensitive applications such as voice, video, and mission critical applications.

"The telecommunications landscape is evolving rapidly and ISPs such as Orcon recognize the need to scale their networks today while at the same time preparing their networks to introduce advanced services as the market evolves," said Shaun Page, vice president of Australia and New Zealand for Juniper Networks. "Our E- and M-series delivered the superior reliability and performance to support Orcon's current broadband network expansion, while delivering the advanced capabilities to enable Orcon to introduce additional secure and assured networking services in the future."

According to research analyst IDC, Juniper Networks led the New Zealand broadband routing market with 93 percent share by revenue (Q305).

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