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Juniper Networks Scales Core to 40 Gigabit Capacity

MCI Showcases High Bandwidth Optical Technology Using T-Series with New OC-768c Interface

SUNNYVALE, Calif., December 12 , 2005 - Juniper Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: JNPR) today announced that MCI has successfully demonstrated 40 Gigabit per second (40G) transmission using its T-series core routing platform and new OC-768c/STM-256 interface module based on second generation T-series ASIC technology. Currently the fastest available optical interface, 40G enables service providers to increase the capacity and efficiency of their core networks to support a growing number of broadband subscribers and high bandwidth applications.

"This technology trial further validates MCI's ability to lead the industry in next generation IP performance," said Jack Wimmer, MCI vice president of Network Architecture and Advanced Technology. "Being able to directly connect intelligent optical routers using high bandwidth connections allows MCI to optimize and scale our converged IP network to assure we can meet the growing demands of our customers."

The 40G per second technology increases the performance of service providers' core networks by increasing speed and total network capacity by a factor of four compared to previous generation technology (OC-192/STM-64). By reducing the amount of equipment required for a given amount of services or bandwidth, 40G can also reduce total network equipment costs including installation, operations and maintenance.

"As consumers continue to increase the adoption of broadband access, while at the same time requiring increased performance for high bandwidth applications such as IPTV, service providers are upgrading their core infrastructures," said Kim Perdikou, vice president and associate general manager, Infrastructure Products Group, Juniper Networks. "For over three years the T-series has delivered the capacity customers require in the core. In response to their increased bandwidth requirements, we have developed a 40G interface, which provides more capacity and efficiency in the core."

Juniper Networks T-series delivers the unique combination of advanced routing features, best-in-class IP/MPLS capabilities, as well as unmatched reliability and scale to make it the ideal platform for high capacity core applications. With TX Matrix technology, the T-series provides a seamless migration path to enable providers to scale to multi-terabit speeds. The T-series routing platforms provide a complete range of over 65 fiber-optic and electrical transmission interfaces, including Ethernet, ATM, Channelized, SONET and serial interfaces.

With over 100 T-series customers worldwide and over 1,000 units deployed, Juniper Networks is a leader in next generation core routing deployments. The T-series leverages JUNOS, the industry's only operating system that combines proven reliability with a development cycle that ensures continuous, non-disruptive feature and functionality enhancements.

Building on the proven T-series technology, the 40G interface represents Juniper's commitment to continued innovation demonstrated by the delivery of this second generation of T-series ASIC technology. The new 40G interface supports both clear channel OC-768, as well as concatenated OC-192 traffic streams, ensuring the protection of earlier infrastructure investments. OC-768 is supported on both the T640 and the multi-terabit TX Matrix platform.

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