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U.K.'s National House-Building Council Deploys Juniper Networks Application Acceleration Platforms to Improve Performance of Web Enabled Services

DX Series Application Platforms Reduce Costs for NHBC and Provide Customers with Higher Quality of Experience

SUNNYVALE, Calif., October 11, 2005 - Juniper Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: JNPR) today announced that National House Building Council (NHBC), the standard setting body and leading warranty and insurance provider for new homes in the U.K., has deployed Juniper Networks DX application acceleration platforms to improve the performance and availability of the web-enabled services on NHBC's new website. Supplied and supported by local reseller partner Data Integration, the Juniper Networks' Data Centre Acceleration (DX) platforms will enable NHBC's servers to operate with greater efficiency improving the quality and speed of the services for its customers.

NHBC delivers web-enabled key services - such as its Buildmark insurance claims service - on its new web site, which is more accessible and convenient for NHBC's customers, primarily homeowners and its registered house builders. The Juniper Networks DX platforms reduce the number of web servers required and increase bandwidth efficiency by providing a comprehensive set of data centre functions on a single platform - including load balancing, data compression, connection management and content manipulation, enabling significant capital and operational cost savings.

NHBC, after experiencing disappointing results with hardware from a different vendor to support the new site, deployed the Juniper Networks DX platforms.

"The Juniper Networks DX platform was recommended to us for its ability to provide several benefits simultaneously: to increase the performance of the browser environment, to offload SSL and to take over processing and load balancing from web servers in the data centre to reduce running costs," said Peter Bennewith, Support Manager, NHBC. "It also has a reputation for easy configuration and use, and it quickly became apparent that this was true. We installed the DX platform and it began to deliver straight away and so we decided to purchase the technology."

Eddie Minshull, vice president of operations, EMEA for Juniper Networks, said: "As organisations deliver a greater number of applications via the web interface, the ability of their network infrastructure to cope with these new bandwidth-heavy demands is critical. Juniper Networks' data centre acceleration platforms allows organisations to assure network performance to increase productivity while reducing costs and simplifying their data centre architecture."

About NHBC

NHBC is the standard setting body and leading warranty and insurance provider for new and newly converted homes in the U.K. Established almost 70 years ago as a non-profit distributing company, NHBC's primary purpose is to raise standards in the new house building industry and provide consumer protection for new homebuyers. NHBC's 10 year Buildmark warranty covers more than 85% of new homes built in the UK and currently protects more than 1.6 million homes. NHBC has approximately 19,000 registered builders who agree to comply with our Rules and Standards. For further information visit: www.nhbc.co.uk

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Juniper Networks is the leader in enabling secure and assured communications over a single IP network. The company's purpose-built, high performance IP platforms enable customers to support many different services and applications at scale. Service providers, enterprises, governments and research and education institutions worldwide rely on Juniper Networks to deliver products for building networks that are tailored to the specific needs of their users, services and applications. Juniper Networks' portfolio of proven networking and security solutions supports the complex scale, security and performance requirements of the world's most demanding networks. Additional information can be found at www.juniper.net.

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