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IPsphere Forum Announces Name, Board Members and Officers

Organization Set to Focus on the Business of IP

SUNNYVALE, Calif, June 28, 2005 - The IPsphere Forum (www.ipsphereforum.org) today announced its name, board members and officers. The forum recently announced its initial formation in a press release entitled, "Open Forum Develops Architecture for Federated Service Infrastructure" (refer http://www.ipsphereforum.org/newsevents/060805/). The IPsphere Forum is a member-funded, open community focused on the "business of IP" and coordinating efforts to develop the architecture for an IP infrastructure able to support the broadest possible set of service provider and network user business/service models.

At an executive meeting held earlier in June at Supercomm 2005, the board of directors and officers of the IPsphere Forum were elected. The IPsphere Forum board is comprised of individuals representing the following companies: Alcatel, BT, Cisco Systems, France Telecom, Huawei, Juniper Networks, Lucent Technologies, Red Zinc, Siemens, T-Com, Telenor, and Tellabs. IPsphere Forum officers are Chair Kevin Dillon (Juniper Networks), Vice Chair Monique Morrow (Cisco Systems), Secretary Omar Elloumi (Alcatel) and Treasurer Tom Walsh (Lucent Technologies).

"As a member-funded, open forum, the IPsphere Forum's objective is to encourage and catalyze the effort related to the deployment of an IP infrastructure that can meet the profitability and capability needs of network, content and applications service providers and service user communities," said Kevin Dillon, Chair, IPsphere Forum. "The forum intends to promote the standardization of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) approaches to network service federation, publication and consumption by identifying requirements and current gaps, specifying mechanisms to address these, and contributing to the work conducted by associated standard bodies."

"BT fully supports the new forum which will enable the development of new services for our customers across a multi-carrier global infrastructure," said Brian Levy, group technology officer, service strategy and innovation, BT. "IPsphere will go beyond the Internet of today with its limitations of quality and performance to set a new communications paradigm."

"FT sees the IPsphere initiative as a privileged and promising community of vendors and operators to encourage the development of reliable and standardized IP infrastructures for the support of value-added service offerings", said Christian Jacquenet, Head of IP services and architectures, Long Distance Networks Directorate, France Telecom.

For more information in the IPsphere Forum, please visit: www.ipsphereforum.org.