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Juniper Networks Secures and Assures Networks with Eight Security Platforms and Major Threat Control Enhancements

ISG and IDP Solutions Offer Exceptional Threat Protection To Combat Sophisticated Attacks; New VoIP Protection And Spyware Signature Delivery

SUNNYVALE, Calif., May 9, 2005 - Juniper Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: JNPR) today announced the availability of two firewall/VPN systems, the ISG 2000 with integrated intrusion and prevention capabilities and the ISG 1000. Juniper Networks also introduced six new appliances and a software upgrade for its Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP) product line.

Delivering on the Enterprise Infranet framework, Juniper Networks' new hardware and software capabilities offer customers greater levels of delivery, use and threat control by providing better network performance, scalability and availability, as well as more options to protect against network- and application-level threats.

The Juniper Networks ISG 2000 firewall/VPN with integrated IDP is now available to customers who need to protect enterprise, carrier and data center environments against worms, Trojans, spyware and other emerging threats. The ISG 2000 with integrated IDP delivers up to 2Gbps of intrusion prevention throughput via a high-performance architecture that brings dedicated firewall/VPN and application level processing power unmatched by any competitive offering.

To facilitate network deployment, the ISG 2000 with integrated IDP is an extremely network-friendly IPS offering, taking full advantage of Juniper's proven ScreenOS networking features, such as dynamic routing, including OSPF, BGP, and RIP and NAT/Route/Transparent deployment options. Seamless integration with the firewall/VPN operating system also means that virtualized IDP attack protection can be deployed across virtual systems and security zones to stop attacks from penetrating or proliferating throughout the network. Using granular, rule-by-rule flexibility provided by the NetScreen-Security Manager, administrators can deploy IDP inline or inline-tap mode on a per rule, per protocol basis. Role based administration allows a security team to delegate management authority to appropriate personnel, allowing one team to manage only the IDP component while others can manage firewall, VPN or other tasks.

Juniper Networks' customer Tony Williams, president and CEO of Telecom Network Team, Inc., said, "Firewall/VPNs with IDP will provide customers like us the option to segment our networks and add another layer of protection for our server farms, gateways and mission critical applications. With the new ISG systems and IDP platforms, Juniper Networks continues to offer best-in-class traffic-processing technologies that provide more intelligence throughout the network."

New ISG 1000 System

The ISG 1000 firewall/VPN is the newest member of the ISG series delivering 1Gbps firewall and 1Gbps VPN throughput for any packet size through the use of Juniper's fourth-generation Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC), the GigaScreen3 programmable ASIC that powers the award-winning ISG 2000. The ISG 1000 is ideally suited for securing enterprise, carrier and data center environments where advanced applications, such as VoIP and streaming media, dictate consistent, scalable performance. Integrating best-in-class application level protection, firewall, VPN and DoS solutions, the ISG 1000 enables secure, reliable connectivity along with network and application-level protection for critical, high-traffic network segments.

"The ISG 2000 with IDP and ISG 1000 firewall/VPN systems represents a new class of products that combat sophisticated attacks while enabling optimal network performance. Their unique processing architecture and modular design are critical to achieving scalable performance and security functionality that can help protect networks now and into the future," said David Flynn, vice president of Products, Security Products Group at Juniper Networks. "We continue to bring industry firsts and best-in-class technology to the security market to ensure we deliver secure and assured networking solutions to enterprises and carriers around the world."

New IDP Platforms

In addition to the new ISG system, Juniper Networks also announced the availability of six new IDP standalone hardware platforms that provide customers with improved performance and flexibility through more interface options, and improved availability with integrated bypass interfaces. The IDP 50, 200, 600C, 600F, 1100C and 1100F deliver protection against Trojans, worms, spyware and other network-based attacks at performance levels ranging from 50Mbps to 1Gbps.

New IDP Application-Level Attack Protection Enhancements

Juniper Networks is also announcing new threat mitigation capabilities to secure voice traffic and increase attack detection accuracy. New SIP protocol anomaly detection delivers VoIP application level protection to complement existing network level VoIP protection. New multi-level attack scanning allows for the IDP platform to help minimize false positives by performing second-level investigation based on certain triggers, such as suspiciously large protocol elements or secondary pattern matches.

For IDP customers, Juniper Networks' dedicated Security Team also began delivering new spyware protection signatures. The new spyware signatures delivered to IDP customers are designed to stop spyware from "phoning home" and sending confidential company and personal information to third-parties. These updates are provided daily during the business week and as needed on non-business days. The Juniper Networks IDP product line is the first intrusion and prevention systems (IPS) in the market to receive daily signature updates.


IDP for the ISG 2000 is available now. Current ISG 2000 customers may purchase an upgrade kit. The ISG 1000 is scheduled to be available in Q2. IDP for the ISG 1000 will be available as an upgrade in the second half of 2005. The six standalone IDP appliances and the new IDP 3.1 software upgrade are available now.

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