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Juniper Networks Introduces the Enterprise Infranet

Vision And Architectural Framework For Securing and Assuring Enterprise Networks

SUNNYVALE, Calif., May 2, 2005 - Juniper Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: JNPR) today announced the Enterprise Infranet, an architectural approach to securing and assuring the delivery of differentiated applications and services across enterprise networks. This framework creates an IP-based enterprise infrastructure that addresses the key challenges faced by network managers. It coordinates network, application and endpoint intelligence to deliver the control required to support today's demanding network applications, manage network use and reduce threats, without requiring a forklift upgrade. In a related announcement, Juniper Networks introduced the Enterprise Infranet Controller, the Infranet Agent and Infranet Enforcer - key solutions to support this framework.

"Total threat defense requires comprehensive management of the network, application and end point," said Joel Conover, principal analyst, Current Analysis. "Juniper's growing enterprise product portfolio enables it to deliver a unique solution which blends identity-driven, application-aware access control with strong threat prevention and mitigation capabilities."

A Comprehensive Approach

The Enterprise Infranet approach creates a service layer over the existing network. This layer uses policy to coordinate endpoint, application level and network level intelligence to deliver granular levels of control across three key areas:

  • Delivery control - The ability to assure delivery of applications over the network with high levels of performance, predictability and confidence (privacy and integrity).
  • Use control - The ability to control how the network is used - explicitly dictating what is allowed and how applications can or cannot be used on the network.
  • Threat control - The ability to detect and remove traffic that is malicious in nature or behaving inappropriately.

The Enterprise Infranet uses standard protocols and open APIs to deliver a comprehensive solution for securing and assuring applications and services across the enterprise, without requiring a major infrastructure upgrade. Additionally, significant and incremental benefits can be gained with partial or phased deployments.

"Juniper Networks is focused on helping customers build networks with the security and application assurance users demand, while optimizing the value of their investments," commented Krishna 'Kittu' Kolluri, general manager, Security Products Group. "The Enterprise Infranet outlines a framework to help them achieve this through intelligence and control. Juniper Networks delivers much of this capability with its best-in-class traffic processing today and will continue to evolve solutions that support this vision."

Federating Infranets

The Enterprise Infranet leverages many of the concepts from the Infranet Initiative Council (IIC) activities. Enterprise Infranets can work independently, or can be extended via federation with adjacent Infranets. Juniper Networks is working with the Infranet Initiative Council (IIC) to define an IIC-compliant 'Infranet Connector' to make this possible.

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