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Juniper Networks Introduces Enterprise Infranet Solutions

Infranet Controller And Infranet Agent Bring Endpoint Intelligence Into Network Traffic Decisions To Increase Compliance And Security Across The Network

SUNNYVALE, Calif., May 2, 2005 - Juniper Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: JNPR) today announced the Infranet Controller and Infranet Agent, new solutions designed to support the Enterprise Infranet and bring endpoint intelligence into network traffic decisions. By enabling coordination of network enforcement with endpoint assessment, user authentication, and secure transport, these new products deliver the levels of use control and threat control organizations need to ensure service assurance and availability.

Leveraging best-in-class endpoint defense technology and the host checking features of the Juniper Networks SSL VPN solution for the extended enterprise, the Infranet Controller appliance and Infranet Agent software enable enterprises to protect their network and client endpoints at campus locations and distributed sites. This approach addresses the network and security challenges faced by enterprises today as they look to provision ubiquitous network access, while supporting an increasing number of users accessing the network via mobile laptops. These challenges and the problem of malware are not addressed by traditional approaches, which focus on scan and block models that are incomplete, resulting in security gaps and high deployment and management costs. Juniper's approach supports heterogeneous solutions and uses components of SSL VPN technology, firewall and IPSec technology to provide comprehensive network protection.

Best-in-Class Solutions

The new Enterprise Infranet Controller enables conditional access to networks based upon user authentication and a real-time check of the device's security characteristics. The dynamically provisioned Infranet Agent accepts user credentials, conducts the host check and provides optional authenticated and encrypted transport to enforcement gateways. These enforcers will be delivered as a software upgrade to Juniper Networks' NetScreen firewall systems and appliances. These firewalls are broadly deployed in key locations within the network and make granular traffic decisions. By consuming signals from the Infranet Controller and terminating connections from agents, enforcers can provide end-to-end transport security and greater policy control and visibility without requiring significant infrastructure changes. The new Juniper Networks Enterprise Infranet Controller appliance will provide benefits similar to the SSL VPN, but on a much larger scale, preventing non-compliant hosts from attaching to the enterprise network and providing use control for enterprise network traffic.

"Network security professionals are acutely aware that the current offerings do not address the growing volume of attacks or the requirements of evolving networks," said Andrew Harding, director, Product Management, Juniper Networks. "Juniper has already solved this problem with its SSL VPN solution for the extended enterprise, providing secure access to a wide variety of users, connecting from diverse locations with managed and unmanaged devices. By combining the endpoint defense features of our SSL VPN platform with performance scalability of our firewall/VPN platforms, we can extend the usage model and security of SSL VPN from remote access and extranets to large scale enterprise networks."

Compatibility With Third Party Approaches

The Enterprise Infranet Framework complements Juniper's work with Microsoft on Network Access Protection (NAP) as well as standards efforts, such as the Trusting Computing Group's Trusted Network Connect Subgroup. The effort represents the next phase in integrating user, application and network policy and enforcement in a seamless manner through open, multivendor solutions that facilitate a secure and assured network.


The Enterprise Infranet Controller, Infranet Agent and ScreenOS upgrade required to enable Infranet Enforcer features are planned to be available in Q3 2005.

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