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Juniper Networks Licenses FSMLabs Technology for J-series Services Router

J-Series Products Leverage Real-time Capabilities of RTCore BSD

SOCORRO, NM and Sunnyvale, CA January 31, 2005 - FSMLabs, (http://www.fsmlabs.com), a core system software development company targeting mission-critical applications, and Juniper Networks today announced that Juniper Networks has licensed FSMLabs hard real-time kernel technology, RTCore® BSD for use in its J-series Services Router.

"The modern design of the JUNOS operating system has allowed Juniper the flexibility to employ RTCore® BSD as a component of JUNOS, enhancing the real-time features of the J-series routers. We are pleased to be working with FSMLabs using its best-in-class solution to decrease the J-series time-to-market," commented David Tucker, J-series product marketing manager, Juniper Networks.

FSMLabs RTCore® technology is deployed in demanding embedded environments, where real-time software must run at the performance levels of the underlying hardware. RTCore® BSD uses the same POSIX real-time core as FSMLabs RTLinux® but within FreeBSD or NetBSD environments. "RTCore BSD helped Juniper meet product performance goals and get to market quickly and cost-effectively," added Victor Yodaiken, president of FSMLabs. "Our real-time technology lets equipment manufacturers deliver devices that operate at near-line speeds for distinct competitive advantages within either Linux or BSD environments."

Leading OEMs today build on FSMLabs RTCore®, to develop and deploy applications that include routers, satellite control, telescopes, jet engine test stands, and high performance graphical displays. FSMLabs lets OEMs focus on value-added development activities instead of spending weeks or months configuring and tuning embedded operating system performance. By leveraging off-the-shelf RTCore®, developers can deliver working products, more quickly, with the reliability and responsiveness needed in mission-critical applications.

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Juniper Networks is the leader in enabling secure and assured communications over a single IP network. The company’s purpose-built, high performance IP platforms enable customers to support many different services and applications at scale. Service providers, enterprises, governments and research and education institutions worldwide rely on Juniper Networks to deliver products for building networks that are tailored to the specific needs of their users, services and applications. Juniper Networks' portfolio of proven networking and security solutions supports the complex scale, security and performance requirements of the world’s most demanding networks. Additional information can be found at www.juniper.net.

About FSMLabs

FSMLabs provides hard real-time solutions designed for reliability and simplicity of operation that target mission-critical applications. FSMLabs was founded in 1998 and is a privately held, revenue financed, core system software developer with headquarters in New Mexico and sales and engineering staff worldwide. FSMLabs products include RTLinux®, RTCore® BSD, the VxIT legacy operating systems porting kit, LNet real-time networking, PSDD protected memory real-time, and Controls Kit XML/RPC interface builder. For more information, visit http://www.fsmlabs.com or email business@fsmlabs.com.

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