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Juniper Networks Extends Innovation at the Broadband Network Edge

Leader in Broadband Aggregation Announces New Features for E-series Edge Routing Platform

SUNNYVALE, Calif., October 11, 2004 - Juniper Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: JNPR) today announced new hardware and software features for its E-series edge routing platform that enable providers to deploy more sophisticated broadband services with increased levels of performance, reliability and scale. Continued innovation at the broadband network edge has contributed to Juniper Networks' success in maintaining its market share leadership position.

In a report issued today by the Yankee Group, the E-series earned the number one position in worldwide broadband aggregation for the first half 2004 with 38.5 percent market share. With the emergence of voice, video and data services over broadband, better known as triple play services, providers are increasingly deploying the E-series edge routing platform in networks worldwide.

"Our research confirms that service providers require broadband aggregation vendors to deliver new features and capabilities for capitalizing on increasing demand for triple play services," said Mark Bieberich, program manager of Communications Network Infrastructure at the Yankee Group. "With its steady innovation in broadband aggregation, Juniper Networks is well positioned to maintain leadership in this rapidly growing market."

"We have deployed Juniper Networks E-series in our network, which has enabled us to be more flexible in offering a wider range of intelligent broadband services to our customers," said Berit Svendsen, CTO at Telenor. "As we scale and deliver more advanced services, we continue to rely on Juniper Networks' innovation to enable us to deliver on our customers’ requirements."

E-series Innovation Continues

The new E-series features introduced today enable service providers to deploy emerging broadband services with increased levels of intelligence, reliability and scale, while lowering operating expenses.

  • Enhancing high availability for broadband networks, the E-series JUNOSe system software and applications now provide a high level of reliability for broadband networks with support for stateful Switch Route Processor (SRP) switchover capabilities. The primary goal of the stateful SRP switchover functionality is to maximize reliability, network service availability and subscriber satisfaction. High availability for subscriber management applications, including all Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) access options, means that all subscriber sessions and services remain active during failure, resulting in increased network and service availability. This high availability feature reduces the management burden for service providers, while providing an assured user experience for subscribers.
  • The new Gigabit Ethernet (GE) "combo card" integrates tunnel server functionality with a higher density, 2-port GE line card, enabling customers to increase density and scale by supporting both physical GE termination and tunnel server features in a single line card slot. The line card provides dedicated resources to support the establishment of tunnels and LNS termination for L2TP in addition to GRE tunnels, IPSec tunnels and IP multicast. It also doubles Gigabit Ethernet port density, while lowering the per-port cost of the ERX-1440 and ERX-310 platforms. The combo card uses a range of small form-factor pluggable transceivers to support different optical modes and cabling distances. Each module has two active and redundant ports for increased reliability.
  • As the industry-leading subscriber management platform for IPv6 environments, the E-series is now fully interoperable with the Siemens dual stack IPv4/IPv6 PPPoE tango™ Access broadband client software for Windows. This interoperability helps service providers address the coming global shortage of existing Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) addresses, an issue that the next-generation of Internet Protocol, known as IP version 6 (IPv6), was designed to overcome. Service providers now have the flexibility to begin deploying advanced broadband services such as video-on-demand, IP television, video conferencing, voice and video telephony based on IPv6.
  • Addressing multiple access solutions, Juniper Networks has delivered a robust DHCP feature set for new service delivery. The E-series is now able to monitor DHCP traffic between external DHCP servers and client subscribers. DHCP is one of the leading standards for dynamic IP address assignment. In addition, DHCP is being used in some networks, including wireless LAN environments, to perform the address assignment component of non-standards-based solutions for authentication, authorization, accounting and address assignment.
  • The new 8-port FX Fast Ethernet Input Output Adapter (IOA) supports fiber-based 100Mbps Ethernet services for the ERX platform. The IOA pairs with the existing 1xGE line card and is supported in the ERX-310, ERX-705, ERX-710, ERX-1400 and ERX-1440 platforms. Similar to the combo card, the eight-port FX IOA uses a range of small form-factor pluggable transceivers to support different optical modes and cabling distances.

"As worldwide broadband aggregation market leader, our customers confirm that we have the right products to support a more sophisticated broadband network," said Karen Livoli, director of products and solutions marketing at Juniper Networks. "The E-series is a central component of the Infranet edge with an innovative architecture that has been deployed and proven to support multiple services in the many of world's largest broadband networks."

The full text of the Yankee Group report can be found at: https://www.juniper.net/company/presscenter/pr/2004/pr-041011a.pdf.

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