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Juniper Networks Transforms IPv6 Deployments: Delivers Industry's First Infranet-Ready IPv6 Solution

New Production-Ready IPv6-Enabled Security Products Extend Juniper Networks IPv6 Leadership

SUNNYVALE, Calif., and TOKYO, June 29, 2004 - Extending its leadership position in helping service providers and enterprises deploy and secure Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) networks, Juniper Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: JNPR) today announced availability of its NetScreen ScreenOS, the company's standard security products operating system, with production-ready support for IPv6.

Juniper Networks security products, with the new IPv6-enabled ScreenOS, represent the first in the industry to provide IPv6 support for both stateful inspection firewall and IPSec virtual private network (VPN) capabilities and complement existing Juniper Networks IPv6-enabled networking products to create the industry's first end-to-end infranet-ready IPv6 solution. Increasing demand worldwide for mobile communication, home networking, online gaming, video streaming and other emerging applications, as well as the shortage of IPv4 addresses, particularly in emerging countries, continue to drive the industry to a singular, future-proof IP infrastructure. While IPv6 provides a clear migration path, security has proven to be one of the first critical IPv6 deployment challenges.

By providing the necessary security functionality, including firewall, IPSec VPN, Denial of Service protection, encryption and QoS to protect critical resources in an IPv6 network, service providers and enterprises can overcome one of the most critical roadblocks to implementing IPv6 network infrastructures.

"Security is a crucial requirement to migrating to an IPv6 network," commented Dr. Andrej Kos, faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. "We are pleased to see that Juniper is providing the IPv6 networking and security support in its systems, which will allow us to effectively protect resources in an IPv6 and IPv4 environment and provide a trusted and assured experience for our users as we deploy an IPv6 infrastructure."

"The breadth of support across the Juniper Networks product line and crucial security functionality can help customers easily deploy and migrate to a trusted IPv6 environment," said Christine Heckart, vice president of marketing, Juniper Networks. "Introduction of this code and our end-to-end solution represents a key milestone reached in our phased IPv6 development plan and underscores our Infranet Initiative - Juniper Networks' vision for transforming the way networks are architected to deliver high levels of assurance and intelligence."

End-to-End IPv6 Solution

With availability of the Juniper Networks IPv6-enabled ScreenOS for the Juniper Networks NetScreen-5XT, -204, -208, -500 and -5200 appliances and systems, Juniper Networks now offers a fully supported, tested and verified IPv6 solution that includes its networking and security products, allowing enterprises and service providers to deploy an IPv6 infrastructure - from the network core to the customer edge - that assures user experiences and reduces deployment risks.

Juniper Networks M-, T- and E-series devices already offer inherent IPv6 support in JUNOS and JUNOSe software and are specifically architected to enable service providers and carriers to run IPv6 and IPv4 simultaneously in large-scale production networks without compromising performance.

Service providers, enterprises, government organizations and research and education institutions, among others, can take advantage of the Juniper Networks IPv6 solution for a wide range of deployment scenarios. Commercial providers can leverage the scale and unparalleled performance to create customer-facing IPv6 services as well as future-proofing their own IP infrastructure. Enterprises, government organizations, and research and education networks can take advantage of the portfolio's flexibility to ease transition and to ensure protection for their user data.

The end-to-end IPv6 solution provides a dual-stack architecture allowing flexibility to support IPv4 and/or IPv6 on a single device, auto-configuration for IPv6 and extensive transition mechanisms, such as NAT/NAT-PT and IPv6 over MPLS, that ease the burden of converting from IPv4 to IPv6. These conversions can include "4 to 6" and "6 to 4" tunneling, as well as "4 to 6" and "6 to 4" translation. This dynamic translation capability allows enterprises and service providers to easily expand their networks and perform a seamless migration to IPv6 without performing an immediate "forklift" upgrade of their existing IPv4 network infrastructure.

In addition to interoperability between existing Juniper Networks IPv6-enabled networking and security products - demonstrated by internal and customer testing, both the IPv6-enabled networking and security products have been tested and verified interoperable with other IPv6 industry products, such as Siemens tango™ Access, a dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 PC-based PPPoE remote access client for Windows® that can provide users simultaneous IPv4 and IPv6 broadband access in conjunction with the Juniper Networks E-series routers.

Further, Juniper Networks networking security products have been verified interoperable in the "Moonv6" next generation Internet testing project, the world's largest ongoing multi-vendor IPv6 network launched in October 2003 to advance the new protocol and promote it throughout the industry, providing early adopters of the technology IPv6 industry-wide interoperability assurance.


The new production-ready, IPv6-enabled ScreenOS is now available for the Juniper Networks NetScreen-5XT, -204, -208 and -500 appliances and system as a free upgrade to existing customers with a support contract. The IPv6 ScreenOS is expected to be available on the Juniper Networks NetScreen-5200 in July.

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