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NetScreen Demonstrates IPv6 Solution Interoperability; Secures Testing Site

Sunnyvale, CA - March 30, 2004 - NetScreen Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: NSCN) today announced that it successfully participated in a set of IPv6 solution interoperability tests, providing early adopters of the technology assurance that NetScreen’s integrated firewall and virtual private network (VPN) security solutions work together with various vendors’ products in an IPv6 network. Additionally, NetScreen provided the firewall to secure the testing site.

Moonv6 is the world’s largest multi-vendor IPv6 network and was launched in October 2003 to advance the new protocol and promote it throughout the industry. The interoperability test - the “Moonv6” next-generation Internet testing project - takes place over the course of several weeks at the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) in Durham, N.H. Moonv6 is a nationwide IPv6 test bed backed by the North American IPv6 Task Force (NAv6TF), Internet2, the U.S. Defense Department, the UNH-IOL and major networking, testing and communications companies.

IPv6 is expected to gradually replace the current Internet protocol (IPv4) over the next eight to 10 years. This latest test event gauged both simultaneous and fully native IPv6 effectiveness, because the two protocols will co-exist during the transition.

NetScreen provided a combination of its integrated firewall/VPN appliances, running its newest beta version of IPv6 code, to validate under operative conditions the reliability and interoperability of its many IPv6-enabled networking and security features. In addition to demonstrating interoperability among multiple IPv6 vendors, a broad range of tests were conducted in accordance with test plans developed by the UNH to demonstrate the workability of these features.

The testing addressed aspects of the IPv6 protocol, which are key to widespread deployment of the new technology, including: network routing protocols, applications, security, transition and translation mechanisms.

“With the increasing market interest in IPv6, tests like this offer a neutral proving ground for interoperability and conformance and play a vital role in demonstrating momentum in the security industry,” said Ben Schultz, the managing engineer in charge of the Moonv6 project at the UNH-IOL.

This interoperability testing demonstrates NetScreen’s commitment to deliver on its IPv6 strategy announced in July 2003, along with the availability of NetScreen’s first “dual-stack” IPv6 technology release. Since then, NetScreen has been developing its next IPv6 release, which will be a production grade, commercially available version of NetScreen’s IPv6 code.

“NetScreen recognizes the importance of driving IPv6 product developments,” said David Flynn, vice president of marketing at NetScreen. “NetScreen’s participation in this interoperability test and selection as the firewall for the UNH test site demonstrates the value and robustness of NetScreen products for IPv6 and IPv4 environments, especially as many service providers and enterprises migrate from one network to the other.”

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About Moonv6

The Moonv6 project is a collaborative effort between the North American IPv6 Task Force, (NAv6TF), the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL), Internet2, the Joint Interoperability Testing Command (JITC) and various other U.S. Defense Department agencies. Taking place across the U.S. at multiple locations, the Moonv6 project represents the most aggressive collaborative IPv6 interoperability and application demonstration event in the North American market to date. For more information, visit the organization’s Web site at http://www.moonv6.org.

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