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Top Healthcare IT Company Secures Network with NetScreen Solutions

Sunnyvale, CA - March 29, 2004 - NetScreen Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: NSCN) today announced that Cerner Corp., a leading supplier of healthcare information technology, has deployed its second-generation NetScreen network security solution to secure and provide easy access to its critical data resources.

“With 20 international and remote sites, we were spending a significant amount on leased line costs. NetScreen has reduced the costs associated with frame relays and leased lines,” commented Paul Tobia, security projects manager at Cerner. “NetScreen provides highly effective security in addition to the best solution from a long-term cost savings and management standpoint.”

Cerner first selected NetScreen’s purpose-built, integrated firewall and virtual private network (VPN) products to replace a proxy-based, software firewall, which Cerner found was difficult to manage and had performance constraints. Additionally, Cerner’s T1 and frame relay connections were becoming costly as its network grew.

After experiencing more than three years of success using its original NetScreen solution, Cerner recently expanded its use of NetScreen devices and moved to its second-generation NetScreen solution. What originally started out as a simple firewall deployment has expanded into a worldwide firewall and IPSec VPN security infrastructure designed to secure its critical resources worldwide.

Cerner’s second-generation deployment includes NetScreen-500 systems as well as NetScreen-208, -204, -50, -25, -5XT and -5XP appliances, which integrate firewall, IPSec VPN and traffic management functionality to protect the corporate network and allow secure access to Cerner’s remote offices located around the world. The NetScreen-500 systems are deployed in High Availability (HA) mode and are located at the main corporate network protecting all internal data. NetScreen-208, -204, -50, -25 and NetScreen-5 appliances are located at eight domestic and international remote offices to protect the locations’ internal network and provide site-to-site IPSec VPN functionality between offices and back to Cerner headquarters. Cerner’s original NetScreen deployment included NetScreen-100 appliances.

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