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Broadband TV over ADSL and Video Services Fuel Need for Juniper Networks Solutions at Slovenian ISP SiOL

SiOL Builds Core and Broadband Network Infrastructure with Juniper Networks M- and E-series Platforms

SUNNYVALE, Calif., January 26, 2004 - Juniper Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: JNPR), today announced that SiOL, the leading Slovenian ISP, has deployed Juniper Networks infranet-ready M-series routing platforms and E- series broadband aggregation platforms with the Juniper Networks SDX service deployment system to offer new advanced IP services such as broadband TV over ADSL.

"The Juniper Networks solutions allow us to offer many revenue generating services and move broadband services beyond just internet connectivity. What is equally important is that with the Juniper Networks solutions in place we can minimize our infrastructure management and maintenance costs due to increased reliability and availability," said Mr. Miran Kramberger, chief executive officer of SiOL.

"With its forward thinking approach to new and innovative services, and the focus on building a secure, reliable infrastructure capable of delivering an assured experience to its customers, SiOL is an example of how networks will evolve as providers adopt the principles of the infranet model," commented Eddie Minshull, vice president EMEA Operations at Juniper Networks.

The deployment of the Juniper Networks solutions helps SiOl to deal with the four main issues it was facing. Firstly, SiOL needed a network that allowed it to deploy new revenue generating services such as the broadband TV service with over 100 channels. Secondly, the enormous increase in ADSL subscribers drove the requirement for a higher capacity core network, as well as a broadband aggregation platform capable of scaling to many thousands of users. Thirdly, SiOL wanted to improve the availability of its network and deliver an assured experience to its users by building a stable and reliable infrastructure. Lastly, continued industry wide security threats and attacks highlighted the need for a secure infrastructure capable of handling a range of security issues without impacting the overall performance of the network.

The deployment of the M- and E-series platforms in combination with the SDX service deployment system enabled SiOL to overcome all four of these issues, while enabling SiOL to expand beyond the traditional services such as dial-up internet access, broadband ADSL access, hosting and co-location. The first of the new revenue generating services SiOL is now offering is broadband TV. SiOL also has plans to roll out video on demand and public WLAN services in the near future.

Smart Com, Juniper Networks' partner in the Slovenian market, played a key part in winning the deal and is responsible for the supply, installation and maintenance of the Juniper Network solutions at SiOL's. Smart Com is a Slovenian system integrator specializing in data and converged networks. It offers system implementation as well as high quality engineering services.

"The teamwork between Smart Com and Juniper Networks was truly outstanding. We've been impressed by the expertise and responsiveness of the team and are confident that with the Juniper Networks solutions and Smart Com's integration skills we are building a world class IP infrastructure," concluded Mr. Miran Kramberger of SiOL.

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