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NetScreen Delivers New Solutions for Telecommuter and Remote Office Environments

Sunnyvale, CA - January 20, 2004 - NetScreen Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: NSCN) today announced it has expanded its entry-level product line with two new security appliances, the NetScreen-Hardware Security Client and the NetScreen-5GT Extended, designed to address specific security, flexibility and management needs of large enterprises and service providers looking to secure fixed telecommuter and remote office locations.

These new products alleviate the need for enterprises and service providers to compromise during their selection of security solutions for the small/remote office when they are often forced to choose between consumer-level products that lack features and manageability or more expensive solutions with functionality they don't require. The new NetScreen-Hardware Security Client and the NetScreen-5GT Extended appliances provide a cost-effective means to help customers improve security at remote locations. The products offer integrated Deep Inspection firewall, virtual private network (VPN), Denial of Service protection and antivirus functionality with enterprise-level performance, rapid deployment and resiliency features.

"These new products round out NetScreen's entry-level appliance product line, increasing the variety of products NetScreen offers for different deployment environments and providing enterprise and carrier customers two more security offerings that can help improve productivity, accommodate growth and manage costs," said David Flynn, vice president of marketing for NetScreen.

NetScreen-Hardware Security Client

The new NetScreen-Hardware Security Client integrates stateful and Deep Inspection firewall functionality, VPN capabilities and embedded antivirus and supports up to five users and two VPN tunnels. It is manageable through NetScreen-Security Manager, NetScreen's central management system, which can prevent end-users or customers from adjusting security policies that may compromise corporate or service provider's security posture. The NetScreen Hardware Security Client includes five 10/100 Ethernet ports and supports two security zones to create separate home and work networks.

NetScreen-5GT Extended

Based on the NetScreen-5GT platform - an integrated firewall/VPN security appliance for enterprise remote sites and telecommuters - the NetScreen-5GT Extended offers increased reliability with High Availability (HA) and additional network segmentation capabilities, including a demilitarize zone (DMZ) port to allow network segmentation for applications like a wireless LAN or publicly facing application servers. The HA capability allows a second device to act as a warm stand-by in the event of an outage, while dial backup and dual Ethernet Untrust interfaces provide other options for resilient connections.

Both new NetScreen appliances support the new NetScreen Rapid Deployment capability, which is also available on other NetScreen appliances, to reduce or eliminate the need for pre-staging or for "technical expertise" at the point of installation. NetScreen Rapid Deployment allows a central security administrator to generate a device configuration that can be emailed to a remote, non-technical user. The remote user can then use NetScreen's start-up wizard to import the encrypted configuration file alleviating the need for a costly and time-consuming professional installation.


Both new products are expected to be available in January 2004, each enabled with the NetScreen ScreenOS version 5.0, which provides NetScreen's latest Deep Inspection firewall functionality.

Antivirus functionality is standard on the NetScreen-Hardware Security Client and is available as a fee-based upgrade on the NetScreen-5GT Extended. For more information about NetScreen products and ScreenOS, visit: http://www.netscreen.com.

About NetScreen Technologies

NetScreen Technologies, Inc. is a leading developer of network security and access solutions for enterprises and carriers worldwide. NetScreen's solutions offer multiple layers of network and application-level protection in purpose-built appliances and systems that meet customers' security, performance and total cost of ownership objectives. NetScreen is located at 805 11th Ave., Sunnyvale, CA, 94089. More information on NetScreen's products can be found at http://www.netscreen.com or by calling toll free at 1-800-638-8296.

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