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Commerce Bank Deploys NetScreen Firewall, VPN and IDP Solutions to Secure Its Network

SUNNYVALE, CA - December 8, 2003 - NetScreen Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: NSCN) today announced that Commerce Bank, a nationally chartered financial institution, has deployed NetScreen’s network security solutions as well as its intrusion detection and prevention (IDP) systems to secure its network and critical financial resources.

As Commerce Bank’s network grew in recent years, performance and reliability limitations of its previous software-based firewall solution made evaluation of alternative solutions a necessity. Concurrently, the company’s management team started emphasizing the need to reduce costs. To address these needs, the IT team replaced its legacy firewall solution with NetScreen’s easy-to-use, hardware-based integrated firewall and virtual private network (VPN) security solutions.

Additionally, Commerce Bank selected the NetScreen IDP product, which operates in-line to accurately detect and drop malicious traffic in real-time before it reaches its victim, to provide added protection of its critical customer and financial data.

The NetScreen security solution has helped Commerce Bank effectively secure its critical financial resources, increase network reliability and performance and significantly reduce support costs due to simplified administration and the elimination of third-party vendors previously required for security solution maintenance and support.

“NetScreen has improved our network performance and reliability. Since installation, we have gone more than 6,000 hours without a reboot to the NetScreen solution. This is a dramatic difference from our previous solution. The NetScreen firewall is solid as a rock,” said Mark Price, information security consultant at Commerce Bank.

Deployed in High Availability (HA) mode at the Kansas City headquarters are two NetScreen-500 systems, which provide up to 700 Mbps firewall performance and up to 250 Mbps of 3DES virtual private network (VPN) throughput. The NetScreen-500 systems provide firewall protection and secure VPN connectivity for the bank’s partner extranet and primary network, which facilitates online banking and financial transactions.

A NetScreen-IDP 100 system, which provides up to 200 Mbps throughput and leverages multiple methods of detection to accurately detect and stop attacks, will be deployed at the Commerce Bank Internet perimeter in front of the NetScreen-500 systems.

Additionally, providing firewall protection for an internal network testing environment at the bank’s corporate headquarters is a NetScreen-25 appliance, offering up to 100 Mbps of firewall throughput and up to 20 Mbps of 3DES VPN throughput. NetScreen-5XP appliances, offering up to 70 Mbps firewall and up to 20 Mbps of 3DES VPN throughput, provides employees secure access via VPN to the bank’s primary network.

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About Commerce Bank

Commerce Bank is the principal subsidiary of Commerce Bancshares Inc. (NASDAQ: CBSH), a $13.6 billion regional bank holding company. For more than 135 years, Commerce has been meeting the financial services needs of individuals and businesses. Commerce provides a diversified line of financial services, including business and personal banking, wealth management and estate planning and investments through its affiliated companies. Commerce operates across three states with more than 330 banking locations and also has operating subsidiaries involved in mortgage banking, credit related insurance, venture capital and real estate activities. For additional information, please visit www.commercebank.com or email mymoney@commercebank.com.

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