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University of Buffalo Secures Residential Network with NetScreen Firewalls

Sunnyvale, CA - June 10, 2003 - NetScreen Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: NSCN) today announced that the University of Buffalo selected NetScreen's integrated security solutions to provide highly reliable and effective firewall protection for ResNet, the University's residential network that enables students to access computing, library and academic services directly from their dorm rooms.

Today, the University of Buffalo's student population exceeds 25,000 - of which, approximately 7,000 are part of the university's residential network. When ResNet was initially established in 1996, the university deployed Check Point firewalls to secure the network. However, over the years, as the number of students on ResNet and bandwidth requirements grew, the university IT staff determined that the Check Point solution, which had reached as many as 16 installations, did not scale to meet the university's usability, cost and reliability needs.

As a result, the university sought a more cost-effective, high-performance and manageable firewall solution, which it found with NetScreen. By replacing its 16 Check Point firewalls with two NetScreen-500 systems deployed in High Availability mode, the university improved the performance and scalability of its ResNet network, while significantly reducing administrative costs.

"The University of Buffalo had to find a firewall that was easy to administer," said Jeff Murphy, senior communication systems administrator for the University of Buffalo. "Using the NetScreen solution based on a purpose-built, hardware-based platform rather than a hybrid approach - consisting of a separate operating system, software firewall application and server platform - has cut the total time required to complete maintenance upgrades across the entire network from as many as 10 days, due to network downtime considerations limiting maintenance administration to late nights, to minutes. The High Availability capability of the NetScreen-500 systems allows the university to make administrative changes without incurring network downtime and disrupting student's network access."

With limited funds and scarce IT resources to handle heavy demands, the performance, ease of installation and maintenance, and cost of ownership advantages of NetScreen's products have been integral in helping the University of Buffalo cost-effectively secure its ResNet infrastructure and provide scalability for future growth.

"An easy-to-use and cost-effective firewall was required for the University of Buffalo to evolve its network infrastructure," said David Flynn, vice president of marketing at NetScreen. "A complex and difficult-to-configure software solution was clearly too time consuming and costly for the university to adapt to its expanding network. With NetScreen's purpose-built, appliance-based solutions, the University of Buffalo can enjoy the benefits of a secure, high performance firewall with minimum management overhead."

For more information about NetScreen products, visit: http://www.netscreen.com/products/.

About the University of Buffalo

The University at Buffalo was founded in 1846 as a private medical college and merged with the State University of New York system in 1962. Today UB is New York State's premier public center for graduate and professional education, as well as the state's largest and most comprehensive public university. A member of the prestigious Association of American Universities, the University at Buffalo stands in the first rank among the nation's research-intensive public universities.

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