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Juniper Networks Collaborates with Microsoft to Unveil Assured Experience Demonstration at Supercomm 2003

Integration Between Juniper Networks SDX-300 and Windows Server 2003 Enhances Quality of Streaming Media Content

Supercomm 2003
Juniper Networks Booth # 22247

SUNNYVALE, CALIF. - June 2, 2003 - Juniper Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: JNPR) today announced that it has collaborated with Microsoft Corporation to deliver an Assured Experience Demonstration at SuperComm 2003 in Atlanta, June 1-5, 2003. The demonstration showcases seamless integration between Juniper Networks SDX-300 and Windows Media Services 9 Series, a feature of the recently released Windows Server 2003, to dynamically enhance the quality of streaming media content.

The demonstration illustrates an integrated service control functionality enabling service providers to easily offer upgraded subscriber network bandwidth and Quality of Service (QoS) based on content delivery requirements, available network resources, and subscriber service options. This integration takes advantage of existing Juniper Networks SDX-300 and E-series router functionality including advanced service intelligence and the ability to dynamically implement service options such as bandwidth and QoS at a per subscriber, per application, and per device level.

The demonstration utilizes a new assured experience plug-in developed by Juniper Networks for use with Windows Media Services 9 Series, Juniper Networks SDX-300, and E-series routing platform. The demonstration also features CinemaNow movie content and several client PCs running Windows Media 9 Series. Various subscriber scenarios and experiences will be showcased via intelligent signaling between the SDX-300 and:

  • Windows Media Services 9 Series in Windows Server 2003 for subscriber authorization and identifying the appropriate bandwidth/QoS levels for movie content;
  • Access network for admission control and ensuring that network resources are available for the requested content stream;
  • E-series routing platform for policy enforcement of bandwidth/QoS for a particular subscriber session.

Service providers will be able to take advantage of this capability to play a more prominent content services role offering additional service and revenue opportunities. This functionality has the greatest impact on the consumption of rich media content - primarily streaming audio and video - for business and consumer applications. End-customer applications may take the form of news clips, training, movies, music services, and on-line gaming.

"This is a great example of how innovative companies like Juniper can build on Windows Media 9 Series to enable a whole new range of services and business models for companies to explore," said Jonathan Usher, director of the Windows Digital Media Division at Microsoft. "Windows Media Services 9 Series brings new levels of reliability, scalability and manageability to content providers so that consumers can enjoy unmatched audio and video quality."

"This capability enables content providers to foster tighter relationships with service providers," said Bruce Eisen, executive vice president, CinemaNow. "As a content provider, we are better able to take advantage of the network and get consistent service quality, and therefore enhance our relationship with service providers and create product differentiation."

"This demonstration showcases how Juniper Networks can enable service providers to easily deliver compelling new content experiences that transcend today's best effort network performance," said Christine Heckart, vice president of marketing at Juniper Networks. "This integrated functionality adds a new dimension to what our SDX and routing platforms can offer today with robust service intelligence and the ability to control and dynamically implement services at a very granular level."

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