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NetScreen to Secure NetWorld+Interop Las Vegas 2003

Sunnyvale, CA - March 25, 2003 - NetScreen Technologies Inc. (Nasdaq: NSCN) today announced it has been selected as the official network firewall provider for the InteropNet Event Network (eNet) at NetWorld+Interop 2003 in Las Vegas. NetScreen solutions were selected because of their proven and highly effective security functionality and industry-leading performance.

Each year, NetWorld+Interop selects industry leaders to build a "best-of-breed" eNet network, which serves as a leading example of how to tackle wide-scale deployment of the latest technologies, and an opportunity to employ some of the best practices in building and operating large, complex networks.

NetScreen will provide multiple layers of firewall defense throughout the eNet, using NetScreen-5200s, NetScreen-208s and NetScreen-5XTs from its line of purpose-built, high-performance security appliances with integrated firewall, virtual private network (VPN) and denial of service (DoS) protection capabilities. The NetScreen-Global PRO security management system will be used to establish policies and monitor the devices, which will be located in four separate areas of the eNet network serving CORE, iLabs, Key3Media Staff and Network Operations Center (NOC).

eNet provides high-speed connectivity to NetWorld+Interop exhibitors, conference rooms and meeting rooms - showcasing the capabilities of an integrated network, mirroring the real-world networks of leading corporate enterprises.

"Our eNet network comes to life at the show in just four days - connecting all event participants and supporting their communications needs," said Steve Wylie, director of network operations for NetWorld+Interop. "Our goal is to showcase the industry's leading products in a real world configuration. We chose NetScreen this year as the official firewall provider for the eNet because it offered the best solution to meet our security requirements."

About NetWorld+Interop

NetWorld+Interop is a Key3Media Event. NetWorld+Interop provides networking, Internet and telecommunications professional buyers with a uniquely comprehensive forum for education and hands-on products and services in order to make critical purchase decisions. NetWorld+Interop affords buyers from enterprises, carrier/service providers, and resellers/integrators the opportunity to experience live technology demonstrations first-hand. It's this focus on advanced, multi-vendor, multi-protocol, multi-service interoperability technologies and solutions that make NetWorld+Interop the definitive networking, Internet and telecommunications event. Up-to-date event information is available online at www.interop.com.

About NetScreen Technologies

NetScreen Technologies, Inc., is a leading developer of integrated network security solutions that offer the security, performance and total cost of ownership required by enterprises and carriers. NetScreen's innovative solutions provide key security technologies, such as virtual private network, denial of service protection, firewall and intrusion prevention, in a line of easy-to-manage security appliances and systems. NetScreen is located at 805 11th Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94089. More information on NetScreen's products can be found at http://www.netscreen.com or by calling toll free at 1-800-638-8296.

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