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NTT Communications Deploys Juniper Networks in NTT/Verio Global IP Network

T-Series Platform Enables New Revenue-Generating Services

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Feb. 18, 2003 - Juniper Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: JNPR) today announced that NTT Communications (NTT Com), the global service provider and subsidiary of the NTT Group, has deployed Juniper Networks T-series platform in its Global IP Network. The NTT/VERIO Global IP Network is a backbone network covering Asia, Japan, North America, and Europe. This most recent deployment follows a May 2002 Juniper Networks and NTT Com announcement of a global agreement that established Juniper Networks as the equipment supplier of Internet Protocol (IP) infrastructure and services to support the build-out of NTT Com's high-performance IP network. With state-of-the-art throughput performance recently validated by BTExact, the T-series platform enables NTT Com to scale the network to meet traffic demands and deploy new services, while also reducing operational expenses and minimizing capital investment. The new deployment leverages the industry-leading JUNOS IP/MPLS service capabilities and enables NTT Com to guarantee service levels for offerings such as:

  • Global IP Network Transit Service - a key requirement for real-time applications enabling direct connection to global tier one IP backbone for faster Internet access, while also minimizing distance delays on a global scale;
  • Housing (Co-location) Connectivity Service- a high-quality, low-price Global IP Network connection for data center customers connecting to the Internet with rich bandwidth menus to meet a variety of customer requirements;
  • Smart Content Delivery - fast and efficient content distribution worldwide through multiple cache servers located on the NTT/VERIO Global IP Network;
  • Global IP Security Gateway - fast and high-quality global IP-VPN service based on NTT/VERIO Global IP Network;
  • IPv6 Gateway Service- a native service that provides transit to a global IPv6 network by directly connecting to a NTT/VERIO global IPv6 backbone.

Also critical to guaranteeing services levels is a highly secure network. With increased cyber-attacks, service providers such as NTT Com are focusing more closely on infrastructure security design. Juniper Networks M- and T-series platforms provide NTT Com with comprehensive security measures such high performance filtering, rate limiting, deep packet inspections, DOS containment solutions, and various logging and tracking tools.

"Our NTT/VERIO Global IP Network is a tier one IP backbone network that covers the USA to Europe and Asia Pacific regions. This extensive, high-capacity network offers 13 Gbps bandwidth between Japan and the USA and 5 Gbps in Asia, catering to increasing customer demand for bandwidth. Juniper Networks M- and T-series routing platforms support this large-scale, high-performance core network," said Takatoshi Okayama, director of IP Engineering, Global IP Network Group, Global Services Business Division, NTT Communications. "After our T-series deployment in the USA, the advanced MPLS traffic engineering, high performance, stability, and investment protection led to our decision to deploy T-640 platforms in our recently completed facility in Tokyo. Juniper Networks T-series provided the robust, flexible network required because NTT Com's rich capacity Ring Network is laid across the Pacific Ocean. We are convinced that customers will be satisfied with our network services."

"NTT Com's deployment of the T-series underscores our commitment to provide customers with products to build highly reliable, service-rich network infrastructures that will support current and future revenue generation on a global scale," said Masanori Osuga, vice president, Japan, Juniper Networks. "This deployment proves that Juniper Networks is capable of supporting leading global carriers who want to build secure, reliable IP networks."

About NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com)

NTT Com, a Tokyo-based subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, provides long-distance and international services for voice, video and data communications reaching more than 200 countries. NTT Com also provides world-class IP services under the NTT/VERIO brand, as well as managed data, multimedia and additional services under the Arcstar brand. For additional information: http://www.ntt.net. E-Mail: info@ntt.net

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Juniper Networks transforms the business of networking by converting a commodity - bandwidth - into a dependable, secure, and highly valuable corporate asset. Founded in 1996 to meet the stringent demands of service providers, Juniper Networks is now relied upon by the world's leading network operators, government agencies, research and education institutions, and information-intensive enterprises as the foundation for uncompromising networks. Juniper Networks is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. Additional information can be found at www.juniper.net.

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