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Juniper Networks Expands Certification Program

New E-series Certification Track Enables Candidates to Validate Skills Based on Specific Platform Experience Levels

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Feb. 13, 2003 - Juniper Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: JNPR) today announced the addition of the E-series certification track to the newly restructured Juniper Networks Technical Certification Program (JNTCP). The JNTCP now consists of the M-series & T-series certification track and the new E-series track, providing certification candidates the opportunity to validate their skills through targeted programs that meet their specific platform requirement, thus increasing efficiencies and lowering overall cost of ownership.

The newly created E-series track tests for theoretical and practical knowledge of Internet technologies, the E-series platforms, and operating system. The track is intended to meet the needs of various platform experience levels. This three-tiered track consists of Associate (JNCIA-E), Specialist (JNCIS-E), and Professional (JNCIP-E) levels that parallel the existing four-tiered M-series & T-series track. The E-series track replaces the former Unisphere Networks Technical Certification Program Data track. Unisphere Networks Data track certifications will be honored and migrated to the new program's certifications.

The platform-specific, multi-tiered tracks of the JNTCP enable participants to demonstrate, through a combination of written proficiency exams, hands-on configuration and troubleshooting exams, their competence with Juniper Networks technology. Candidates who wish to attain certification on both platform families are required to pass exams from each track at the desired level. In an effort to aid candidates through the certification process, Juniper Networks is working with Sybex Publishers to develop a series of certification preparation guides for the JNTCP. The first two guides will cover the JNCIA-M and JNCIP-M certifications and will be available in February 2003.

"We appreciate that the JNTCP now offers separate certification tracks for the two platforms," said Joseph Goh, chief IPv4/IPv6 network engineer, NTT Communications Corporation. "This is a flexible approach that enables us to train our network engineers more efficiently and cost-effectively, which helps contribute to the company's bottom line."

"The addition of the E-series certification track to the JNTCP enables Juniper Networks to provide a certification program that leverages best practices from the previous Juniper Networks and Unisphere Networks Technical Certification Programs," said Scott Edwards, senior manager of Educational Services, Juniper Networks. "By integrating the two programs, Juniper Networks Education Services has seized the opportunity to expand and improve our current certification offerings in both depth and breadth. This addition to the JNTCP creates a consistency in leveling and branding of the JNTCP across our M-, T-, and E-series product lines."

Further information on the JNTCP can be found on the Juniper Networks certification Web site at www.juniper.net/training/certification/.

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