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BTexact Tests Confirms State-of-the-Art Performance of Juniper Networks T640 Platform

February 5, 2003 - BTexact Technologies, BT's advanced research and technology business, and Juniper Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: JNPR), today announced the results of extensive performance tests carried out to measure the throughput performance of the Juniper Networks T640 Routing Node.

Service providers use packet processing to differentiate their services from those of their competitors and increase the value they offer to their customers. Consequently they require routing equipment that can deliver high throughput with zero packet loss and demonstrates the scalability to accommodate future IP traffic growth.

The T640 routing node was launched in April 2002 and has since been deployed in some of the largest networks worldwide, including operators such as Telia International Carrier and KT (Korea Telecom).

BTexact measured the total aggregate throughput of a T640 configured with 32 OC-192c/STM64 SONET/SDH interfaces. Using 32 Agilent Router Tester modules, BTexact demonstrated that a fully loaded single chassis T640 Routing Node was capable of a forwarding rate in excess of 780 million packets per second, with traffic consisting of 40 byte IP packets on every port and 500,000 active BGP routes. This rate is 99.7 per cent of the theoretical maximum. Throughout this test no packets were dropped. The test shows that the Juniper Networks T640 routing platform is capable of forwarding packets at extreme speeds.

"The scalability of the T640 will meet traffic demands far into the future and this extended lifetime promises diminished capital needs and, more importantly, a reduction in operational expenses by not continually re-engineering networks to keep pace with traffic growth," said Kevin Mitchell, directing analyst, Infonetics Research.

Simon Barrington, project director for test and evaluation at BTexact Technologies, said: "Our independent tests are increasingly seen as a key benchmark by telecom equipment manufacturers like Juniper Networks. Based on our tests, we can confirm the state-of-the-art throughput performance characteristics claimed by Juniper Networks for its T640 platform. The product performed in a very reliable and dependable manner throughout our tests."

Kevin Dillon, director Portfolio Marketing at Juniper Networks, said: "Juniper Networks considers that independent testing and evaluation by a respected telecoms technology expert such as BTexact is vital in the purchase decision-making process. We are delighted that BTexact has independently confirmed our own performance rating of the T640." Further information on the tests can be retrieved from www.juniper.net.

Download the Juniper Networks T640 Performance Test Report

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