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Inforonics Secures Internal and Customer Networks With NetScreen

Sunnyvale, CA - January 28, 2003 - NetScreen Technologies Inc. (Nasdaq: NSCN) today announced that Inforonics, a leading managed services provider specializing in custom application management and managed hosting, has selected NetScreen solutions to provide its clients a host of managed security services including firewall protection and virtual private network (VPN) functionality.

Prior to selecting NetScreen solutions, Inforonics, which serves more than 118 customers spanning financial, telecom, automotive, publishing and other industries, used security devices from a wide array of manufacturers that caused management headaches and had the potential to impact operational efficiency. As a result, Inforonics started evaluating firewalls on which to standardize the network.

Brandon Baker, manager of security and network services for Inforonics, said, "Throughout our evaluation process, ease of deployment, centralized management, and total cost of ownership were our primary selection criteria. NetScreen's purpose-built hardware-based appliances and systems not only meet these requirements, they provide the performance and integrated firewall/VPN functionality that allows us to tailor services to meet our customers' needs while maintaining central control and reducing costs without jeopardizing network performance."

Inforonics offers a suite of hosting services to customers that are looking for outsourced security and managed VPN service. The company also leverages NetScreen's integrated security devices to secure its own internal network.

Inforonics has four main data centers protected by paired NetScreen-204 appliances for front-end and back-end security. Inforonics also has deployed NetScreen-5XP, -5XT, -25, -50, and -100 devices - all used in various Inforonics client-side installations.

"Because of our unique purpose-built, ASIC-based design, our products provide performance, management and cost savings benefits, making them ideally suited for managed services providers like Inforonics," said David Flynn, vice president of marketing for NetScreen. "And, the integrated security functionality provided in a single NetScreen device allows Inforonics to minimize the number of devices they have to deploy and manage, providing advantages for efficiently servicing customers."

For more information about NetScreen products, visit: http://www.netscreen.com/products/index.html

About Inforonics, Inc.

Inforonics is a leading managed services provider that specializes in custom application management and managed hosting, helping cut customer costs by allowing them to operate in a more efficient manner. Inforonics maintains, supports, and enhances existing custom developed software systems with a specified service level agreement for a fixed monthly fee. Customers include some of the world's leading organizations such as Pfizer, BusinessWire and Major League Baseball. Inforonics is based in Littleton, Mass., and can be found on the Web at www.inforonics.com.

About NetScreen Technologies

NetScreen Technologies, Inc., is a leading developer of integrated network security solutions that offer the security, performance and total cost of ownership required by enterprises and carriers. NetScreen's innovative solutions provide key security technologies, such as virtual private network, denial of service protection, firewall and intrusion prevention, in a line of easy-to-manage security appliances and systems. NetScreen is located at 805 11th Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94085. More information on NetScreen's products can be found at http://www.netscreen.com or by calling toll free at 1-800-638-8296.

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