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Juniper Networks Delivers Highest Performing Compact CMTS

Delivers Highest Bandwidth to Maximize Service Revenues and Minimize Operational Costs over Challenging RF Cable Systems

Sunnyvale, CA - October 1, 2002 - Juniper Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: JNPR), a leading provider of trusted infrastructures for the New Public Network, today announced the latest addition to the G-series line of high performance cable modem termination systems (CMTS), the G1 CMTS. Offering the highest bandwidth and Radio Frequency (RF) performance available in a compact CMTS, the G1 CMTS addresses the needs of smaller cable systems operating in space constrained environments with high RF noise impairment conditions.

The superior RF performance of the G1 CMTS enables cable operators to deploy this DOCSIS 1.1-based solution in cable environments with very low signal to noise ratios where previously only proprietary solutions were available. This solution allows cable operators to rapidly deploy data services to generate more revenue and to maximize profit margins by leveraging the multi-vendor environment and optimal cost structure facilitated by DOCSIS.

"The superior RF performance and scalability of the G-series CMTS family enables us to deploy DOCSIS over challenging noise levels, helping us to meet our customers' requirements for fast, reliable cable modem service," said Simon Hsu, general manager, Yaw Jenq. "With the G-series CMTS, we can increase our service revenues by delivering higher bandwidth to our customers and decrease our maintenance expenses by significantly reducing service disruptions with the advanced noise cancellation and avoidance features."

"Juniper Networks has paid a great deal of attention to the needs of cable operators. The Juniper G1 CMTS delivers impressive price/performance for a compact DOCSIS 1.1 based CMTS," said Michael Harris, president of broadband research firm Kinetic Strategies. "The ability of the G1 CMTS to run full 10 Mbps upstream channels increases the available bandwidth per subscriber for delivering a wide range of enhanced IP services. Additionally, the G1 CMTS' ability to operate over more challenging RF plants allows for a ubiquitous deployment of DOCSIS 1.0 and 1.1 cable modem services today."

Like the G10 CMTS, which is designed for larger cable systems, the Juniper Networks G1 CMTS delivers the industry's highest RF performance for DOCSIS 1.0 and 1.1 cable modem services, enabling upstream channels to run at over 10 Mbps where other DOCSIS CMTSs cannot. This performance is enabled through the Juniper Networks Broadband Cable Processor ASIC, which lies at the heart of the G-series family. The G1 CMTS provides two downstream channels, with an integrated upconverter for both channels, and eight upstream channels in a single rack unit device. With all channels operating at maximum data rates, the G1 CMTS delivers symmetrical bandwidth of 80Mbps downstream and 80Mbps upstream. This increased bandwidth allows small market cable operators to offer more services that maximize revenue, such as tiered data services, gaming, peer-to-peer applications, multicast video, voice over IP, and business VPNs. The G1 CMTS also offers superior noise tolerance and cancellation, automated operations features, and trouble-shooting tools to help eliminate service disruptions and minimize operational maintenance costs and deployment.


The G1 CMTS will be available in October 2002. In the USA, it is sold exclusively through Juniper Networks distribution partner, Scientific Atlanta and via Juniper Networks usual channel partners across the rest of the world.

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