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Korea Telecom to Upgrade National Network with Juniper Networks M-series Routers

Juniper Networks M20 Internet Routers to Enhance Performance, Stability, and Scalability of Korea Telecom PUBnet

Sunnyvale, CA - July 11, 2002 - Juniper Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: JNPR), a leading provider of trusted infrastructures for the New Public Network, today announced that Korea Telecom, the world's largest provider of advanced broadband services, has selected Juniper Networks M20 Internet Routers to enhance performance and alleviate capacity demand throughout its national high-speed backbone network, PUBnet.

With more than four million subscribers, Korea Telecom is the largest provider of advanced broadband services in the world. Korea Telecom's PUBnet offers advanced data services across the National Superhighway Network to over 10 thousand government and public institutions. The Juniper Networks M-series Internet routers will enhance the performance, reliability and scalability of the growing Korean public network supporting fast, reliable connections in the PUBnet Points of Presence (PoPs) using 1 Gbps circuits.

Korea Telecom PUBnet provides mission-critical communication services to the country's largest public networks. With growing demand, the need has increased significantly for IP routing platforms that provide network security and performance along with the scalability to offer further advanced IP services such as MPLS VPNs. Juniper Networks has been chosen as a trusted and proven supplier whose routing platforms meet the demands of Korea Telecom PUBnet.

In addition to simultaneously supporting increased traffic demands and boosting data transmission speeds, Korea Telecom is committed to advancing data security and manageability of the new public network. After extensive testing, Korea Telecom concluded that the enhanced security functions and rich service creation capabilities of the Juniper Networks M20 Internet router, exactly fit PUBnet's network performance and stability requirements.

The M20 Internet router is purpose-built to alleviate capacity demand on access points in the PoP and uses Juniper Networks Internet-proven ASIC technology. The M20 Internet router, as with all Juniper Networks-developed Internet platforms, benefits from the latest feature-rich version of JUNOS Internet Software. JUNOS Internet software is purpose-built for service provider networks with an inherent modular design to deliver the reliability and scalability needed to grow networks rapidly. Over the last six years, Juniper Networks has consistently added new features to JUNOS software to help service providers grow and manage their networks seamlessly and cost-effectively.

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