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BTexact Tests Prove Reliability and Scalability of Juniper Networks IP VPN Solutions

Sunnyvale, CA - May 1, 2002 - Juniper Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: JNPR), a leading provider of trusted infrastructures for the New Public Network, today announced that comprehensive testing by BTexact Technologies has proven that Juniper Networks Layer 3 Internet Protocol (IP) multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) and virtual private networks (VPN) solutions meet the scalability and reliability requirements for next generation IP services.

BTexact Technologies, BT's advanced research and technology business, offers independent expertise and experience in communications technology and e-business. Its test and evaluation facilities for network services and products are fast gaining an international reputation as a world center of excellence.

BTexact tested the Juniper Networks M40 Internet routers for scalability and reliability of Layer 3 IP MPLS VPN solutions. Juniper Networks Internet routers successfully stored an impressive 450,000 routes on its routing platforms. Also, the addition of filters and policers on the platform had minimal impact on the number of routes and traffic latency figures, proving Juniper Networks Internet routers support overhead tasks concurrently with 100 percent route uptime and no performance degradation.

"Network and service providers are currently deploying next-generation IP services targeted at high-revenue generating business markets," said Tony Dann, head of IP test and evaluation at BTexact Technologies. "Delivering IP VPNs that are capable of enriched multimedia content is a key objective and supporting these services requires edge routers that are scalable, reliable and stable. Our tests show that Juniper Networks solutions can comfortably satisfy the anticipated scalability and stability requirements."

Real World Routing Testbed

The tests conducted consisted of three cases. A baseline set of tests determined VPN routing and forwarding table (VRF) route capacity relative to the number of VRFs configured on the router. Further testing added firewall filters and policers to each VRF. BTexact used a test bed of an M40 router running JUNOS 5.1 Internet software connected with an M20 Internet router and two Agilent RouterTesters. The RouterTesters were used to generate the routes for insertion into the VRFs, as well as to measure the latency of the traffic across the test configuration.

Test Results

The tests show that approximately 450,000 BGP-inserted routes can be stored in the M40 router VRF tables. These routes can be split almost linearly across VRFs. For example, if 1,000 VRFs are configured, the tests showed that each VRF could hold approximately 440 routes without causing errors or instability. Similar linear results were measured when using open shortest path first (OSPF), routing information protocol (RIP) and static protocols to insert the routes into the VRF.

The results also demonstrate that the Juniper Networks M40 router can provide a stable platform for the scaling of VRFs. If storage limits of the M40 router are reached, and more routes are advertised than can be stored in the routing table, the router generates error messages without any instability, traffic loss or increase in latency that would disrupt existing traffic. The addition of policers, counters and filters was also shown to have a minimal impact on the number of routes and traffic latency figures initially recorded for up to 15 terms defined in the configuration.

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