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Unisphere Networks Delivers IP Services With Edge-optimized VPN Suite

Single platform integrates new technology to provision and deliver suite of wire-speed VPNs

Westford, MA - April 2, 2002 - Unisphere Networks, Inc. today introduced a new suite of IP Services designed to provide carrier-grade migration, performance and scale for network-based Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). The Edge-Optimized VPN Suite, a complete set of Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPN technologies available for Unisphere Networks' Edge Routers, enables carriers to more quickly and more easily provision a comprehensive menu of Layer 2, wholesale, Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) and encrypted VPN technology on a single platform with wire-speed performance. The Unisphere Networks Edge-Optimized VPN Suite leverages new software capabilities and a new wire-speed IPSec module to enable service providers to offer Network-based VPN services across multiple network architectures, while creating new revenue-generating opportunities.

Optimized for Migration

Based on Unisphere Networks' common operating system, Unison OSTM, the Edge-Optimized VPN Suite bridges the gap between Layer 2 and Layer 3 traffic by providing a migration path for existing Frame Relay customers to either Internet Protocol (IP) or MPLS infrastructure. Utilizing the Martini and Kompella IETF Draft standards, service providers can offer Transparent Frame Relay (TFR) and Transparent Local Area Network (LAN) VPNs via MPLS

The Edge-Optimized VPN can also route VPN traffic through an Asynchronous Transfer Module (ATM) or Packet Over Sonet (POS) core, enabling service providers to leverage a common IP infrastructure without requiring them to provision customer premise equipment.

Optimized for Performance

By leveraging the power of the new IPSec module, service providers can now offer encrypted VPNs for data transport with wire-speed performance. Unlike offerings that utilize software for encryption, the Edge-Optimized VPN Suite offers carrier-grade wire-speed performance for up to 5,000 encrypted IPSec tunnels per line module. This enables service providers to more effectively connect transient and off-network sites via public transport, while extending their install-base of customer through the public networks.

Optimized for Scale

The Edge-Optimized VPN Suite offers carrier-class scalability, allowing service providers to scale more than 1,000 virtual private routers from a single edge router. This means that as many as 1,000 customers can be provided discrete VPNs with protected address space, secure routing tables, independent management access and subscriber control from a single platform.

According to Ron Westfall, principal analyst, Current Analysis, "Unisphere Networks continues to execute on solving the pain points for service providers by allowing them to generate revenue with IP services and at the same time, leverage their existing infrastructure and maintain their installed customer base. Through its software enhancements and virtual routing capability, the integrated platform allows service providers to scale and add customers more quickly and more efficiently while reducing OpEx concerns."

"Service Providers are looking to generate incremental revenue by offering new IP services, like network-based VPNs. To do that they need a router that was purpose-built and optimized to more quickly and more easily deploy services at the edge of the network," said Chris Lawler, vice president and general manager, IP Routing Business Unit, Unisphere Networks. "Our Edge-Optimized VPN Suite allows service providers to create and deploy VPN services that their customers want, while reaping the benefits of scale from a network-based IP VPN model."

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