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Cable Operator NC Numéricâble Using Juniper Networks for Suite of Multiservice Applications

Leading French Cable Operator Selects Juniper Networks IP Expertise for Internet Access and High-quality TV Services

Sunnyvale, CA - February 27, 2002 - Juniper Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: JNPR) a leading provider of profitable infrastructures for the New Public Network, today announced that French cable operator NC Numéricâble is using Juniper Networks M-series routers for Internet access and consumer interactive services to more than 100 national and international television channels. NC Numéricâble is a fully-owned subsidiary of Groupe Canal+.

"In a high-growth consumer networking environment such as NC Numéricâble, it's critical to offer our residential subscribers new, best-in-class data services. NC Numéricâble selected Juniper Networks routing platforms to advance our network integrity and performance for our subscribers as we expand our robust collection of value-added video and data services," said Mr. Cottin, president at NC Numéricâble.

NC Numéricâble's new edge network is built on a strong foundation of M-series Internet routers to create a high-speed, scalable IP network at more than 10 points of presence (POPs) throughout France. NC Numéricâble is leveraging key edge features, such as mosaic interactive TV, to lower the cost of network operations through the scalability inherent in Juniper Networks M-series routers. With real-time data and video requirements, NC Numéricâble gains network flexibility to offer reliable network speeds using Gigabit Ethernet, OC-48 /STM16 (2.5 Gigabits per second) and OC-12/STM4 (622 megabits per second) interfaces and ultimately meet users' changing bandwidth requirements without requiring hardware reconfiguration. With this significant cable network build-out, NC Numéricâble's subscribers gain greater quality of service (QoS), performance, and reliability for high-speed residential subscribers' access to Internet and residential broadband services.

This best-in-class IP network offers NC Numéricâble both a competitive advantage by increasing target market and a long-term return on investment through its ability to expand and drive future value-added services, such as video over IP and video on demand.

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