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Juniper Networks and Software Providers Enable Deployment, Billing, and Management of Smart IP Services

JUNOS Internet Software Includes Graphical XML Management Features for Easy Third-party Software Integration

Sunnyvale, CA - July 10, 2001 - Juniper Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: JNPR), a leading provider of next-generation IP infrastructure systems, today announced a new program to integrate a wide range of multivendor Internet Protocol network management functionality for carrier and service provider Internet backbone routers.

At the heart of this new program, the Juniper Networks IP OSS Alliance (IOA), are more than 20 third-party operations support system (OSS) vendors. These vendors offer new access and core network management functionality ranging from service planning, provisioning, and activation to invoicing, billing, and mediation. A key attribute is vendor usage of JUNOScript application programming interface (API), a new, open extensible markup language (XML) included within the JUNOS Internet software architecture. Carriers and service providers benefit from the acceleration of IP OSS development and a lower total cost of network service deployment, operation, and ownership.

"In a competitive environment, Yipes continues to transform the communications market with innovative Ethernet-based optical IP networks," said Dr. Kamran Sistanizadeh, Chief Technology Officer at Yipes Communications. "Best-of-breed partners, such as Micromuse, NARUS, and Syndesis, provide essential tools for managing the core of our network, which is built around Juniper Networks platforms. By facilitating network operations center management, service differentiation, and provisioning, these partners are helping us improve efficiency, reduce costs, and offer more integrated and reliable services for our customers. We are pleased to see them join the Juniper Networks program and look forward to applying the fruits of their collaboration to drive our business forward."

"To keep the world's most sophisticated MPLS-based backbone operating at peak efficiency, we require the tools that Caimis provides us with enabling visibility into all aspects of our routing performance," said Denver Maddux, senior manager, Traffic Engineering at Global Crossing. "We are pleased to see Caimis joining the Juniper Networks IP OSS Alliance and sharing their expertise in network management."

"InfoVista's flexibility and 'out of the box' usability provides us with an easy-to-implement performance reporting solution," said John Williams, EMEA-OSS Element Managers team leader at UUnet. "This allows us to effectively manage traffic and provide critical status reports on our Juniper Networks routers."

The IOA delivers a wide selection of tools from IP OSS software vendors to help Internet operators flexibly manage their complex multivendor networks and enable new IP services on Juniper Networks routers. Service Provisioning and Activation partners include Cplane, Dorado Software, Gold Wire Technology, Intelliden, Orchestream, and Syndesis. Partners in Service Planning and Modelling include Longitude Systems and WANDL. Problem Tracking and Fault Management partners include Aprisma, Micromuse, RiverSoft, and SMARTS. Performance Reporting and Monitoring is handled by Arbor Networks, Asta Networks, Caimis, and InfoVista. Service Level Monitoring and Data Collection is handled by Brix Networks, NARUS, and Quallaby. Finally, Invoicing, Billing, and Mediation is managed by Digiquant and Tertio.

With JUNOScript API-added functionality, service providers, carriers, as well as IOA partners, are developing and customizing applications that utilize the rich suite of JUNOS software management features to deploy, manage, and bill for IP services. Additional JUNOS software features, such as cflowd, destination-class usage, accounting profile filters, and firewall filters for provisioning, reporting, service monitoring, and accounting, add important functionality to service providers' and carriers' network management solutions. The ease of use and reliability of the XML programming interface is allowing network operators to quickly create, test, and roll out revenue-bearing services such as MPLS VPNs, tiered services and dedicated access.

The IOA program provides benefits to both service provider customers and participating partner vendors. In choosing an IOA partner, service providers and carriers are choosing a vendor with access to the resources necessary to test and verify a solution that will be extensible and supported on Juniper Networks routers. Partners benefit from joint marketing of infrastructure applications and reference selling opportunities.

The integration with existing IP OSS solutions, as well as new third-party applications, to manage Juniper Networks Internet backbone routers is another key benefit. With Internet Processor II ASIC features and the JUNOScript API, Juniper Networks quickly delivers smart IP services with a complete IP OSS solution to enable service providers and carriers to deploy next-generation network technologies without compromising performance, scalability, and intelligence of their Juniper Networks routers. In addition, Juniper Networks continues to enrich its CLI, while enhancing support for SNMP, syslog, and continuing support for public domain tools, such as cflowd.

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