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Pacific Broadband Communications First Vendor Ever to Receive DOCSIS Qualification in First Round at CableLabs

Industry Milestone Attributed to the Technical Strengths of PBC-built Next-generation Chip Inside CMTS

San Jose, CA - July 9, 2001 - Pacific Broadband Communications (PBC), a developer of standards-based broadband solutions for delivering integrated data, telephony, and video over last mile networks, announced today that it has received Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS™) 1.0 Qualification from Cable Television Laboratories Inc. (CableLabs®) for its next generation Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS). Results from CableLabs' Certification Wave 18 proved to be an industry milestone, making Pacific Broadband Communications the first vendor ever to submit a CMTS that features custom-built, next-generation silicon. The technical strengths of this PBC-built CMTS chip design has made Pacific Broadband Communications the first vendor to receive DOCSIS Qualification after passing CableLabs' interoperability test suite on its first and only submission to date.

In only 12 months, Pacific Broadband Communications engineered its own custom silicon and developed a CMTS for submission to CableLabs. "The superior technology that's built into our CMTS system has raised the industry's standards for CMTS solutions," said Alok Sharma, founder, president and CTO of Pacific Broadband Communications. "We are the only vendor to develop a next-generation CMTS chip as the foundation of a DOCSIS 1.1 compliant CMTS," said Sharma. "And the DOCSIS 1.0 Qualification provides the technical validation that is necessary to aggressively sell our CMTS system for deployment in standards-compliant cable networks."

Several technical features differentiate Pacific Broadband Communications' submission to CableLabs from all other CMTS submissions to date. Pacific Broadband Communications is the first vendor to pass CableLabs Qualification with custom silicon, a huge departure from the legacy chip sets that are commonly used by other vendors. Built from the ground up, its CMTS system has been developed to deliver superior density and RF performance, as well as greater throughput to support more cable modems per CMTS.

A DOCSIS compliant CMTS solution is a necessity for cable operators to deploy large-scale, advanced IP services, which generate revenue and bring higher return rates on capital investments. Compliance with the CableLabs' DOCSIS specification will assure Pacific Broadband customers that the CMTS technology will interoperate with CableLabs certified cable modems.

CableLabs DOCSIS 1.0 Qualification tests for compliance with Radio Frequency (RF) interface requirements; all DOCSIS Operations Support System (OSS) requirements, including MIBs (management information base); and Baseline Privacy Interface (BPI) requirements, which guarantee user data privacy across the cable network by encrypting Cable Modem/CMTS traffic flows and controlling the distribution of encryption keys.

About Pacific Broadband Technologies

Pacific Broadband Communications is a developer of ultra dense, high performance, and highly noise immune broadband solutions that enable service providers to deliver standards-based data, telephony, and video over last mile networks. The company's management and engineering teams bring years of experience in networking and telecommunications from companies such as AT&T Labs, Alcatel, Cisco, and Excite@Home.

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Juniper Networks, Inc. is a leading provider of purpose-built systems that meet the scalability, performance, density, and compatibility requirements of rapidly evolving, optically enabled IP networks. The company's purpose-built systems provide new IP infrastructure solutions for the world's leading service providers. Juniper Networks service, manufacturing teams, and IP engineers work closely with customers to build and support customer networks. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. For more information, please visit the Web site at https://www.juniper.net.

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