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Dutch Service Provider Cistron Selects Juniper Networks for Secure Broadband Service Offering

Cistron Provisioning Wholesale, Secure IP Services Using Juniper Networks M-series Routers

Sunnyvale, CA - June 19, 2001 - Juniper Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: JNPR), a leading provider of next-generation IP infrastructure systems, today announced that Cistron has selected its M-series Internet routers to provision secure Internet connection services to end users over ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) broadband access links. Cistron's delivery of private, reliable, and cost-effective ADSL services to its wholesale customers offers both operational and economic benefits using a shared IP public infrastructure.

Cistron, the first combined ISP/Telco in the Netherlands, is the only service provider offering broadband ADSL Internet connections to both the consumer and business markets. The company offers service today to more than 8,000 customers and was named Provider of the Year 2000 in the Netherlands by Provider Enquete.

"Juniper Networks offers Cistron a cost-effective way to deploy scalable and secure IP VPNs with the simple flick of a switch," said Edvard Tuinder, chief executive officer of Cistron. "We can now deliver services to multiple customers over a single IP network, giving them reduced operational overhead including the offload of complex network management tasks. Juniper Networks is helping us and our customers concentrate on revenue-generating activities."

Cistron has installed a series of both Juniper Networks M20 and M40 Internet backbone routers at three core sites in the Netherlands with additional router deployments expected as the network expands. By offering ADSL network connectivity and IP/MPLS VPN services, Cistron's customers benefit from secure, bandwidth-guaranteed network connections without the need to deploy or maintain customer premise-based equipment.

Cistron's Juniper Networks IP backbone uses Layer 3 IP/MPLS VPNs to create label switched paths across its national IP network. With this secure, high-speed approach, all network traffic delivered to Cistron's ingress port is directed only to the egress point of the label switched path, ensuring the entire connection is secure without the need for encryption. When compared with bandwidth provisioning over the public network (as defined by service-level agreements) or customer premise-based VPNs, the Layer 3 IP/MPLS VPN approach leverages Juniper Networks intelligent JUNOS Internet software to make the network easier to engineer and manage.

About Cistron

Founded in 1995, Cistron has proven to be a quality provider of innovative and reliable Internet services. With over 80 employees, the company has become one of the foremost Internet Services Providers. In 1999 Cistron received Telecom Operator status, becoming the first combined ISP/Telco in the Netherlands. As a result, Cistron's portfolio was expanded to an integrated package of voice and Internet solutions. Today, Cistron is still the only provider in the Netherlands offering "wide-open" ADSL connections in both the consumer and business markets, as well as the only provider to offer telephone services in combination with ADSL service over the same copper wire. Recent scores in three separate ADSL comparison tests reflected Cistron's success. Cistron's broadband network has been designed with heavy use in mind, thus making large-scale video services possible. Cistron's headquarters are in Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands.

About Juniper Networks, Inc.

Juniper Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: JNPR) is a leading provider of purpose-built systems that meet the scalability, performance, density, and compatibility requirements of rapidly evolving, optically enabled IP networks. The company's systems provide new IP infrastructure solutions for the world's leading service providers. Juniper Networks service, manufacturing teams, and IP engineers work closely with customers to build and support customer networks. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. For more information, please visit the Web site at https://www.juniper.net.

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