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Pacific Broadband Communications First Vendor Ever to Receive DOCSIS Qualification in First Round at CableLabs

Bowman, Cox, Juniper Networks, Pilot House, Raza Foundries, Scientific-Atlanta, Vulcan and YAS Invest in Pacific Broadband Communications' Last Mile Solutions

SAN JOSE, CA - April 2, 2001 - Pacific Broadband Communications (PBC), a developer of standards-based broadband solutions for delivering integrated data, telephony, and video over last mile networks, has secured $50 million in Series B funding from leading broadband and financial companies. The funding, which will be used for continued product development and company growth, further demonstrates strong industry support for Pacific Broadband Communications.

Silicon Valley investment firm, Bowman Capital, led the Series B round. The dynamic list of Series B investors also includes cable leader Cox Communications (NYSE: COX), the nation's fifth largest cable operator; IP networking leader Juniper Networks (Nasdaq: JNPR); leading broadband supplier Scientific-Atlanta (NYSE: SFA); Vulcan Ventures, Inc., a significant shareholder of Charter Communications (Nasdaq: CHTR), the fourth largest cable operator, and RCN Corp. (Nasdaq: RCNC); and financial companies Pilot House Ventures LLC, Raza Foundries and YAS Broadband Ventures, LLC.

The news of this funding adds further momentum to the company, which launched itself to the industry late last year when it announced that cable industry luminaries Alex Best and Tony Werner joined Pacific Broadband Communications' Board of Directors.

"These investments in Pacific Broadband Communications by companies that intimately know our business are a powerful vote of confidence in our ability to deliver breakthrough technologies for cable operators," said Dr. Alok Sharma, Founder, President and CTO of Pacific Broadband Communications. "We're pleased with the market and technical validation this round demonstrates."

Pacific Broadband Communications, Leaders of the Last Mile™, develops breakthrough broadband solutions to enable service providers to cost effectively scale their architecture to meet the demand for high-speed data and provide emerging and lucrative telephony and video services. Pacific Broadband Communications' initial focus is on cable broadband communications between a service provider's head end in a metropolitan, suburban or rural environment and the broadband user's home or office.

"Pacific Broadband Communications is developing technology that will have a significant impact on the convergence of television services, voice and data," said Chris DePuy, General Partner of Bowman Capital. "Pacific Broadband Communications has a single purpose - develop next-generation technology to enhance the most critical part of the broadband network, which will greatly improve the quality of telephony and video services."

Cable operators have been successful in deploying high-speed data services over their cable plant; however, first-generation DOCSIS equipment does not efficiently provide telephone and video services over the same platform. All other vendors have developed their systems based on common, first-generation media access control (MAC) and physical layer (PHY) commercial technologies that are inherently inefficient. Instead, Pacific Broadband Communications has leveraged its last mile expertise to develop next generation, standards-based MAC and PHY technologies that serve as the building blocks for all Pacific Broadband Communications products.

Pacific Broadband Communications is the first to build a system from the ground up that leverages their tightly integrated MAC and PHY technologies and results in a system with higher densities, performance and noise immunity. Cable operators will be poised to light up their dark RF due to better performance over existing RF channels and the ability to use a much greater proportion of the unused, but available, spectrum due to the densities and cost-effectiveness of Pacific Broadband Communications' solutions.

Pacific Broadband Communications Series B Investor Quotes

Bowman Capital

"Pacific Broadband Communications is developing technology that will have a significant impact on the convergence of television services, voice and data," said Chris DePuy, General Partner of Bowman Capital. "Pacific Broadband Communications has a single purpose - develop next-generation technology to enhance the most critical part of the broadband network, which will greatly improve the quality of telephony and video services."

Cox Communications, Inc.

"The technology provided by Pacific Broadband Communications, will enable us to build more efficient and reliable networks for the delivery of advanced services. More importantly, it will allow us to deliver powerful next-generation broadband services which will bring even more choice, convenience and simplicity to the lives of our customers," said Dallas Clement, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Development for Cox Communications.

Juniper Networks, Inc.

"Pacific Broadband Communications understands the unique network system requirements and operational needs of ISPs," said John Riedel, Vice President Business Development, Juniper Networks. "Pacific Broadband Communications, with its commitment to developing next-generation technology for the last mile, is driven to further enhance the IP infrastructure."

Pilot House Ventures

"We're excited by the opportunity to further Pacific Broadbands' development at this pivotal point," said cable industry veteran David Fellows, a Principal at Pilot House Ventures LLC. "PBC is developing the technology that will allow cable operators to deliver high-speed data, voice and digital video services via a single platform over the 'last mile,'" said Fellows.

Raza Foundries

"Pacific Broadband is an innovative and dynamic company that is poised to deliver compelling broadband products," said S. Atiq Raza, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Raza Foundries Inc. "The world-class names associated with this latest round of funding demonstrate that leading networking equipment and service provider companies value the technology Pacific Broadband is pioneering - and that venture companies recognize the huge business opportunities open to Pacific Broadband in the future."


"Our investment in Pacific Broadband Communications is an investment in the broadband of today, as well as the future," said Dwight Duke, Senior Vice President/President, Transmission Network Systems, Scientific-Atlanta.

Vulcan Ventures

"In Pacific Broadband Communications, we continue to see compelling ideas championed by talented industry experts that are passionate about attacking technology challenges," said William Savoy, President of Vulcan Ventures.

YAS Broadband Ventures

"Pacific Broadband Communications' integrated MAC and PHY technologies is a new approach to what's already offered in the marketplace," said Rouzbeh Yassini, Founder of YAS Broadband Ventures, LLC. "We're pleased to see industry innovation that's concentrated in the last mile," said Yassini, who was named CED Magazine's "Man of the Year" in 1998.

About Pacific Broadband Technologies

Pacific Broadband Communications is a developer of ultra dense, high performance, and highly noise immune broadband solutions that enable service providers to deliver standards-based data, telephony, and video over last mile networks. The company's management and engineering teams bring years of experience in networking and telecommunications from companies such as AT&T Labs, Alcatel, Cisco, and Excite@Home.

About Bowman Capital

Bowman Capital, a premier Silicon Valley investment firm with offices in London and New York, specializes in both public and private technology growth companies. The firm currently manages more than $5 billion in assets. Bowman Capital's investment philosophy is based on intensive, fundamental research on companies in the semiconductor, enterprise software, communications, and networking industries. Bowman Capital's private equity portfolio consists of more than 65 companies, including Arrowpoint Communications (ARPT), AstralPoint, AXSUN Technologies, Chorum Technologies, Kymata, ONI Systems (ONIS), Support.com (SPRT) and Sycamore Networks (SCMR). Bowman Capital was founded in 1995 and is based in San Mateo, California.

About Cox Communications

Cox Communications serves approximately 6.2 million customers nationwide, making it the nation's fifth largest cable television company. A full-service provider of telecommunications products, Cox offers an array of services, including Cox Cable; local and long distance telephone services under the Cox Digital Telephone brand; high-speed Internet access under the brands Cox@Home, Road Runner and Cox Express; advanced digital video programming services under the Cox Digital Cable brand; and commercial voice and data services via Cox Business Services. Cox is an investor in telecommunications companies including Sprint PCS and Excite@Home, as well as programming networks including Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, Outdoor Life and Speedvision.

About Pilot House Ventures

Pilot House Ventures Group is an early stage venture capital firm focusing on broadband-enabling hardware, software and service companies in the datacom and telecom spaces. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Pilot House Ventures' investment professionals include former executives of Continental Cablevision, Inc. with significant operating, technology and finance experience. Pilot House Ventures focuses on providing portfolio companies with strategic guidance and industry-specific knowledge and contacts.

About Raza Foundries

Raza Foundries is the first and only Metacompany™ building and operating leading-edge broadband networking and communications Partner Companies to advance the Internet infrastructure. More than a venture capital firm or an incubator, Raza Foundries provides a long-term commitment, world-class resources, Best Practices Management and Fast Track™ Engineering Methodology to accelerate the growth and success of each Partner Company.

About Scientific-Atlanta

Scientific-Atlanta, Inc. (NYSE: SFA) is a leading supplier of digital content distribution systems, transmission networks for broadband access to the home, digital interactive set-tops and subscriber systems designed for video, high speed Internet and voice over IP (VoIP) networks, and worldwide customer service and support.

About Vulcan Ventures

Vulcan Ventures Inc. of Seattle was founded by investor Paul G. Allen in 1986 to research and implement his investments. Through Vulcan Ventures, Allen invests in companies which offer products, services or technologies that fit his Wired World strategy and can contribute to or benefit from the technology and strategy of other companies within the group's extensive investment portfolio.

About YAS Broadband Ventures, LLC

YAS Broadband Ventures, LLC was established by Rouzbeh Yassini,"father of cable modem," CED "Man of the Year" in 1998 to enable broadband communications convergence of Data, Voice, and Video to become a reality. YAS BV, LLC is committed to invest in creation of enterprises that develop the foundation of the information age society.

About Juniper Networks, Inc.

Juniper Networks, Inc. is a leading provider of purpose-built systems that meet the scalability, performance, density, and compatibility requirements of rapidly evolving, optically enabled IP networks. These systems provide new IP infrastructure solutions for the world's leading service providers. Juniper Networks service and manufacturing teams and IP engineers work closely with customers to build and support customer networks. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.