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STAR 21 NETWORKS AG Deploys Juniper Networks OC-48/STM-16 Routers Throughout Nationwide IP Network

Sunnyvale, CA - December 4, 2000 - Juniper Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: JNPR), a leading provider of IP infrastructure, today announced that STAR 21 NETWORKS, a new broadband service provider, has deployed Juniper Networks M160 and M10 Internet backbone routers in the core of its nationwide German IP network. STAR 21 NETWORKS provides dedicated access to its hosted ASP Servers and Internet transit services for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), corporate users, and service providers throughout Germany.

The M-series routers are installed in STAR 21 NETWORKS' core network Points of Presence (POPs) located in major cities throughout Germany. Each core POP is equipped with M160 routers which form the STAR 21 NETWORKS backbone, and M10 routers that serve as ATM access and peering points. These core POPs are connected by a high-speed OC-48/STM-16 circuit and interconnect with a host of smaller POPs throughout Germany.

The majority of STAR 21 NETWORKS services are offered to wireless local loop subscribers who typically demand high bandwidth availability. By using Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) traffic engineering, the Juniper Networks routers make the most efficient use possible of the bandwidth capacity in the core ring of STAR 21 NETWORKS.

"The predictable wire rate performance of the Juniper Networks routers combined with the MPLS traffic engineering enable us to carry real-time traffic, such as voice over IP, over our network, which is an essential service for our business," said Sanjeev "Bobby" Sarin, Managing Director Network Development of STAR 21 NETWORKS. "In addition, the scalability of the M160 routers allows us to upgrade to four times our current capacity, which we will undoubtedly need in the future."

This MPLS functionality supported by the Juniper Networks JUNOS Internet software allows STAR 21 NETWORKS to implement circuit protection as well as traffic engineering. Traffic engineering is used for load balancing to take traffic off "hot spots" in order to avoid congestion and to maximize circuit utilization. The circuit protection comes in the form of fast re-route, whereby a back-up data path is established as soon as the primary path fails.

"STAR 21 NETWORKS is building an impressive network in Germany and has displayed a real understanding of what customers need and expect from service providers," said Tony Morrish, operations director EMEA at Juniper Networks. "Juniper Networks enables STAR 21 NETWORKS to provide a fast, secure, and reliable infrastructure in which to offer customers a raft of innovative and revenue-generating IP services."

STAR 21 NETWORKS also benefits greatly from the features of the Juniper Networks Internet Processor II, shipped with all Juniper Networks routers. The Internet Processor II enables STAR 21 NETWORKS to perform packet sampling for capacity planning, class based accounting for billing, VoIP traffic classification, and traffic prioritization through IP diffserv.


STAR 21 NETWORKS AG is a leading European wireless access full service provider, with its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main. STAR 21 NETWORKS provides carrier-grade IP (Internet Protocol)-based service based or a unique combination of its broadband wireless local loop, state-of-the-art IP services platform and its own fiber optical backbone. The company currently offers voice, data, and fixed network connections (regional and global), backup services and high-speed Internet access as well as virtual private networks and Intranet/Extranet solutions. Update network services, videoconferencing, network computing, and e-Commerce/e-Business applications will extend the offerings in the near future. As an application service provider STAR 21 NETWORKS also intends to make IT simpler and more cost-effective for its customers.

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