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Pacific Broadband Communications Formed to Deliver Breakthrough Broadband Solutions for the "Last Mile"

Former AT&T Broadband CTO/EVP Tony Werner and Cox Communications CTO/EVP Alex Best Join Board

San Jose, CA - Nov. 27, 2000 - Networking and communications experts formerly with AT&T Bell Labs, Excite@Home, Alcatel Radio Communications, Com21, and other leading communications companies formed Pacific Broadband Communications (PBC) to develop unparalleled ultra dense, high performance, and highly noise immune systems for broadband service providers for the delivery of data, telephony, and video. Raza Foundries, the first broadband communications and networking Metacompany™, provided $10 million in Series A funding, its Fast Track™ engineering process and Best Practices management support to accelerate product and company development. PBC also announced today that industry luminaries Tony Werner, president and CEO of Aurora Networks, Inc., former AT&T Broadband (NYSE:T) CTO and EVP, and Alex Best, Cox Communications (NYSE: COX) CTO and EVP, have joined the Pacific Broadband Communications' Board of Directors.

"As fiber optic deployments are dramatically increasing the bandwidth capabilities in the backbone, the primary focus is now turning to the last mile," said S. Atiq Raza, chairman and chief executive officer of Raza Foundries. "Pacific Broadband Communications' technology provides unique solutions for this portion of the infrastructure, enhancing the opportunities for broadband service providers to provide data as well as telephony and video services that customers demand."

Pacific Broadband Communications, Leaders of the Last Mile™, is focused on delivering breakthrough broadband solutions to enable service providers to cost effectively scale their architecture to meet the demands for high-speed data and provide emerging and lucrative telephony and video services. While Pacific Broadband Communications will provide "last mile" solutions to all broadband service providers, the company will focus initially on providing standards-based cable products.

"By the end of this year, there will be more than 7.7 million online users using broadband technologies," remarks John P. Ryan, Chief Analyst, RHK, Inc. "By the year 2003, RHK forecasts this number to grow to 33.5 million. Additionally, new applications such as peer-to-peer networking will contribute to increased bandwidth demand from the broadband user pool. RHK further anticipates a 300-fold increase in bandwidth demand over the next 5 years, which will place significant challenges on the last mile."

First Target Market: Pacific Broadband Communications to Light Up Cable Operators' "Dark RF" Cable operators have been successful in deploying high-speed data services over their cable plant; however, first-generation DOCSIS (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification) equipment does not efficiently provide telephone and video services over the same platform. All other vendors have developed their systems based on common, first-generation media access control (MAC) and physical layer (PHY) technologies that are inherently inefficient. Instead, Pacific Broadband Communications has leveraged their last mile expertise and have developed next generation standards-based MAC and PHY technologies that serve as the building blocks for all PBC products.improving the communications between the various European research institutes. Research is vital for the development of all aspects of society, both technical and human. At Juniper Networks, we're proud that with our solutions we contribute to this development," said Tony Morrish, Director, Operations, EMEA, Juniper Networks.

Initially focusing on standards-based DOCSIS cable systems, Pacific Broadband Communications is first to build a system from the ground up that leverages their tightly integrated MAC and PHY technologies and results in higher densities, performance and noise immunity. These advantages will allow cable operators to optimize the use of their available HFC spectrum and light up their dark RF to meet the ever-increasing bandwidth and service needs of their subscribers.

Cable Industry Luminaries Join Board

Tony Werner and Alex Best have joined the Pacific Broadband Communications board of directors that includes Atiq Raza, who is PBC's chairman of the board and president and CEO of Raza Foundries, Inc.; and Dr. Alok Sharma, founder, president and CTO of PBC.

"Pacific Broadband Communications has assembled a stellar team responsible for numerous innovations in broadband and other Internet-related technology," said Tony Werner, president and CEO of Aurora Networks and former CTO of AT&T Broadband. "They have developed breakthrough, standards-based media access control and physical layer technology which I see as the key to building critical products that satisfy the bandwidth and new service requirements of cable customers."

"With the expertise that Pacific Broadband Communications has assembled and the advanced technology they've developed, the company is poised to be a leader in providing new revenue-enhancing products that deliver standards-based data, telephony, and video over cable's HFC networks," said Alex Best, CTO and EVP of Cox Communications.

Tony G. Werner

Tony G. Werner is currently president and CEO of Aurora Networks, Inc. Mr. Werner was most recently the executive vice president of engineering and chief technology officer for AT&T Broadband (formerly Tele-Communications, Inc.) where he was responsible for all engineering, technical operations, purchasing functions, and strategic technology direction for the broadband division. During his tenure, Mr. Werner was directly involved in the launch of new products at AT&T Broadband, including AT&T Digital Cable, high-speed cable Internet and local telephone services. He currently serves as chairman of CableLab's Enhanced Services Deployment Working Group and is an active member of the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) and the National Cable Television Association (NCTA).

Mr. Werner was included as one of Cable's 100 most influential people by CableFax in 1998 and 1999. He was the year 2000 recipient of the NCTA Vanguard award for Science and Technology, the cable industry's highest honor in this field. He has published several technical papers relating to network availability, network powering, regional hub architecture, the effects of cascading digital systems and HFC traffic engineering, and has two patents pending.

Alex Best

Alex Best is CTO and executive vice president of engineering at Cox Communications, Inc. Prior to his 14 years with Cox, Mr. Best was with Scientific Atlanta, where he was involved in nearly every aspect of that Company's CATV product development and business application.

Mr. Best has been a member of the National Cable Television Association's (NCTA) Engineering Advisory Committee since 1978, and served as its chairman from 1995 until 1999. He has been a member of the Society for Cable Television Engineers (SCTE) since 1975, and is a member of the Technical Advisory Committee of CableLabs, Inc., a research and development group funded by the cable television industry. In addition, Mr. Best is a member of the board of directors of the Southern Cable Television Association (SCTA).

Mr. Best was the 1977 recipient of the NCTA's Vanguard Award for Science and Technology, and received the SCTA's Polly Dunn Award 1992 for his dedication to the cable industry. In 1994, he was inducted into SCTE's Hall of Fame; and in 1997 was named "Man of the Year" by the editors of CED Magazine.

"As we bring technology to market, we are delighted to have the support and guidance from Tony and Alex who have so much deep experience in 'last mile' issues," said Dr. Alok Sharma, President and CTO of Pacific Broadband Communications. "The additional support we've received as a Raza Foundries Partner Company has put us far ahead of any competition in bringing those solutions to market."

Networking and Communications Experts

Pacific Broadband Communications was founded by Dr. Alok Sharma, President and Chief Technology Officer, who was a technical consultant at Redback Systems, responsible for architecting key elements of their optical MAN switching fabric. He is joined by communications luminaries including Dr. Hikmet Sari, Chief Scientist, who previously was Chief Scientist at Alcatel Radio Communications, where he developed satellite communications programs and broadband wireless access products. Dr. Georges Karam is Vice President Broadband Systems and General Manager for Pacific Broadband Communications in Europe, and previously was Alcatel's Broadband Wireless Product Line Director, responsible for delivering the wireless Evolium LDMS system.

Also joining Pacific Broadband Communications is Jay Rolls, Vice President of Business Development who most recently was Vice President of Network Engineering at Excite@Home. Mr. Rolls also served on the DOCSIS certification board, the standards committee for cable modem technology. In addition, Paul Gordon has joined as Vice President of Multimedia Platforms. Prior to joining Pacific Broadband Communications, he served as Executive Vice President of Engineering for Com21. Completing the executive team is David Solomon, Vice President of Marketing. Prior to joining the company, Mr. Solomon served as Director of Product Management for Excite@Home. He also held positions in corporate marketing at Com21, Synoptics/Bay Networks, and National Semiconductor.

About Pacific Broadband Communications

Pacific Broadband Communications, a Raza Foundries Partner Company, is a developer of ultra dense, high performance, and highly noise immune broadband solutions that enable service providers to deliver standards-based data, telephony, and video over last mile networks. The company's management and engineering teams bring years of experience in networking and telecommunications from companies such as AT&T Labs, Excite@Home, Alcatel, and Com21.

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Juniper Networks, Inc. is a leading provider of purpose-built systems that meet the scalability, performance, density, and compatibility requirements of rapidly evolving, optically enabled IP networks. These systems provide new IP infrastructure solutions for the world's leading service providers. Juniper Networks service and manufacturing teams and IP engineers work closely with customers to build and support customer networks. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. For more information, please visit our Web site at https://www.juniper.net.